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By Walter Egan

All too soon you're movin' on,
Word came down yesterday
It hurts to know my old friends is gone
Its hard to know what to say

I can
By Walter Egan

Don't tread on me,
My heart's not stone,
You'll never take my dreams away.
So sure so wild I was,
'So what' you say,
What good are
By Walter Egan

There goes my girl there goes my baby
There goes my heart there goes my world
There goes my girl

There goes my girl there goes my
By Walter Egan

Jean was a girl with style,
Boy, heads turned every time she'd smile,
Envy turned her girlfriends' eyes green
Whoa oh oh Jean.

By Andy West and Walter Egan

Helplessly my heart returns, to the fire that always burns
No matter how I try to tear myself away
I'm drawn
By Walter Egan

Witness the way in which I swallowed your line
So easily convinced the very first time
It was my finest hour it was my pride
A sudden
By Walter Egan

There is no exit too late to turn around
This is the lock that has no key.
There's no escaping it, you've come too far to quit
By Earl Shackleford and Walter Egan

Impatience has got a hold you see
Our conversations are feeling old to me
A change of heart now I feel already
By Walter Egan

Going home many years since I've been gone
On my way dreamed a scene of yesterday
Days when we lived at home

Memories once these
By Walter Egan and Ed Berghoff

I can't sleep for wanting you, but I don't miss my dreams,
This feeling is so brand new, don't know what I should do
By Walter Egan and Chris James

How come everyone says we're fine
It looks so different here inside
Too many nights we fuss and fight
A whole lotta
By Walter Egan and Billy Cioffi

Whatever happened to the dreams we used to keep
Those crazy precious moments now so bittersweet
Once I'd convinced
By Walter Egan

It was a Sunday night I will never forget,
Driving down the street in my red Camaro,
As I pulled in to the seven eleven,
The locals
By Walter Egan

It's been a year too long
It's been a day too short
Now how can I be strong
I'm getting torn apart
It's getting tough to take it
By Walter Egan

I've been waitin for Fred, Lord I hope that he's not dead
I've been waiting so long I wonder where old Fred has gone

He always makes
By Walter Egan

In the rain in Tennessee Friday night remembering what used to be
Many miles and years ago once there was a place and time I used
By Dave Chamberlain and Walter Egan

I' m hungry, got a strong appetite
I need you for more than tonight
Like a fever ooo I'm on fire
Put your skin
By Chris James and Walter Egan

Damned if I will said Adam to Eve
What made you mess with that tree
Forbidden fruit from some snake in the grass
By Supe Granda and Walter Egan

I've got a leaky ceiling rain keeps pouring on my head
This old house of mine's 'bout run out of time
I've got
the days, when I sat on her knee.
You are a wonderful mother,
Dear old Mother of mine.
You'll hold a spot down deep in my heart,
'Till the stars no longer
front page sky.
My tears are salt water. the moon's full and high.
And I know martin egan is gonna be proud of me.
Many before me been called by
on us,
Sad that we're apart
Don't wanna talk about it -- don't make me think about it
So please don't speak of my heart.

Written By: Gerry Rafferty
Little did I know my heart was breaking
And I could not say a thing
When the preacher
Posed the final question
And heard those church bells ring

She got
because my heart is shy 
Somehow love has passed me by 
And no one knows how much I cry 
When I'm all alone for a love of my own 

Love Star, they say
Western stars light up the sky
Hear the desert wind roll by
Tonight, tonight

Western stars can break your heart
They keep shinin' when we're

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