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acting like a queer
You going on dates, we tryna get this cake!"
When the pressure group's setting in
"If you a real man, you would fuck her friend"
I keep setting standards for myself 
Another stone for this wall inside my head 
I just wanna be half the man I expect 
This craving holds me down
to believe
Cancellation has come and I'm pulling out
It's not going to happen anymore
I've been through it too many times
Assaulted by standards
and white
When so much appears to be gray
With no faith in the absolute
It's no wonder the standard will stray
With bold convictions leading the way
Antagonistic pressure
It lives in all of those
Who set the standard for their lives
Who preach upon their goals

They send the squads of police
to fit in any more

People are so quick to judge me
I do not care I will not change for them
There's so much pressure to conform
IÕd rather be
Living this exactly

I don't need the things
That you shove up in my face
I live by my own standards
And I'm happy living, living life

My world
loaded magazine four-point-eight kilograms
Chamber Pressure forty thousand, five hundred and fifty pounds per square inch.

The seven-point-six-two
three occupants were gathering from various sectors to
Observe the opening, as per standard procedure, their data input
Stations were fed appropriate
you whole in a second
Flow is untested those that I've threatened fold under pressure

At 120 Beta cycles, high volts ignite your eyeballs
Until you
burn, burn, burn

I arrived on the planet, never took the Southside for granted
Smoke a little, keep a high standard
The Roots are my niggas so I
the wall feel the pressure
No way out. Situation getting closer
Time is ticking, walls are closin
Options narrow now, your the one who's chosen

By any standards, a bizarre reunion!

Is being homeless affecting your game?

I wouldn't know, as I have a home in England.

No, by a home
of anger
Avail in auxiliary channels
To instill a vivid perception
What impressive support
Where pressure is lost
And move in separate accordance
their khakis,
I lose it every time I put it down like car keys.

Verse 2 â?? Pressure
It only takes one man to bust,
But takes these two to raise them
The present situation back in '97
Lifestyles hectic circumstances be critical
Intense pressure drivin' my mental maniacal
Craftin' an album on a level that be
your ethics and your issues and your taboos.
It's not the standard free bird situation,
But you're talking to these pieces of a man that's trying
"The last line of defense"

Feel the pressure...
Yo you better plan ahead, gather your thoughts
I'm not gonna be the one wit no chair when
the standard,
Obese crew, we're the devilish family,
Stand on stage accepting a Grammy,
For the most incredible rapping since edible panties,
believe these puzzle pieces have these +streetsly standards+
I clap for trees that sway in breezes +whistlers, where's those antlers+
They be like glancin
mouth waterin' too so I walked up to it like I'm Marshall
Wanna try to meet my standards? I'll Introduce ya
Oh I'm a misogynist too but I'm not a masseuse
mouth waterin' too so I walked up to it like I'm Marshall
Wanna try to meet my standards? I'll Introduce ya
Oh I'm a misogynist too but I'm not a masseuse

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