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to climb

Bombarded by multiple choices 24/7
Navigating a tangled web of logic and passion
Guided by subconscious voices, astute and sharpened
24-7, from dusk til dawn
If you're in Costa Rica on a sunlit beach
You greed for the Phifer, I can be reached
A number of importance, I just put it
of my t.v. screen.
24-7, You wait for me.
Entertaining angels
By the time I fall to my knees.
Host of heaven, sing over me.

Entertaining angels
of the Great Big Muddy 
Where the shotgun houses stand 
I am seven years old and I feel my daddy 
Reach out for my hand
While I drew breath no one missed
made me

Hey hater man, you lookin' down on a greater man
'Cause with cheese I'm grating quicker, and G's don't stand for gangsta grip
It means more
on the map now it's my city
Pullin out the Seven trey, ever-other day
Got bout 40 in it, hit ya hoe for 40 minutes

Pull up on them 24's, while
to sexcgirl07, Shenicka McCollum, Big Rika, keefon,, Susan, busi baby 24/7, for correcting these lyrics]
playing 24-7 on the silver screen

Targed our children
Product to sell
When you turn 18 locked up already in a cell
No rehabilition
Crime vacation
in the hospital ringin' the nurse's bell

Like ding I got hit (uh-huh) by two of rap's, most dangerous
E and P and they both had stainless

tune mora jigar

Stand by here we go again 
Just you let me wait let me know again 
Ain't nobody special girl I'm jus a friend 
I bet you can't

Stand by here we go again 
Just you let me wait let me know again 
Ain't nobody special girl I'm jus a friend 
I bet you can't recall my name
you've been missin
And the bottom line is I'm on the clock
24/7 the hustle don't stop
Oh ya I'm from the A, that's my stompin ground
And if ya on ya
fuckin' pressure
There's so much pressure
And it's all in a day's work

Work, hard
Workin' so hard
24/7, 3-6-5
365, hard work
It's all in a day's
these blues, if you jack me, I'm jacking you back
24/7 on my clothes, I keep my hand on my strap

See I'm somethin' like a playa, somethin' like a pimp
that bitch by the clitoris
You get spit on shit on hit on get on the dick of this
Slick niggara but you can always call the Nina
A killer in America,
When I got to the golden city
Most of the gold was gone
By that time I had some questions
So I flagged down a race-car bum
He said "Sonny I don't
like that

24/7, Yo I be reppin' every hour
Cats can't stand on my power, no I plot up in the shower
After the water hits my back,
I jump up in
the world and I met a lot of other girls.
But they're nothing like you
No no no

I reminiscence on the way that it was
(first kiss, first hug)
24-7 you was
First kiss, first hug
24-7 you was on my mind
Baby girl you was my first love

We closer than the pages
In my composition book
But I let you walk in front
keeps, deep crews pay dues
By murder ones and twos, rip riders and damus 
Choose to stay gangsta, you never ever ran us
We bustin clips like bananas,
And the bottom line is I'm on the clock
24/7 the hustle don't stop
Oh yeah, I'm from the A, that's my stompin? ground
Son, if you on your Joc we stand on common
That's the way the streets select it
So 24/7 we're pickin' up metal
That's how we settle our problems in the ghetto
???? why does a brother
24/7, trust me
I grime daily, 365

I like Bashment
I like Jungle
I like electro
But I love Grime

I like Dubstep
I like Sublow
I like
'Cause I resort to a life of crime
And I know I'm wrong, but I gotta get mine
Fools don't understand me, a nigga be nervous 24/7
a super duper guy
Never spill a bong always got a clean pipe
If you wanna come along stand by my side
Take a hit of this get ready for the ride


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