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Presto, read the Communist Manifesto
Guerillas in the Mist, a Guevara named Ernesto, so
(E-Roc: What a brother with a afro know?)
Yo, go and flow for
gots to do some shit, to leave yo' kids lonely 

The level of my life should be higher 

Told E-Roc to jump in, and get up out the line of fire
o'clock, told E-Roc, the whole block 
And what not, about, how men are spottin he said 
"This little homey gets bread like flossin 
You ain't Steve
When you're too busy getting mine

Now who is this murderous criminal
Coming through
If you think it's E-Roc the subliminals
Is working on you
raise up out tha hood
I think you should, no is all I'm gonna say
To get that '411' you better go ask Mary J
Eroc do not play when there's pigs in
bang bang knocking at my door
I looked up it was my motherfucking landlord, let him in quick
Followed by the sheriff deputy trying to come in
Every po

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