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Yeah. I just want to share my pain before I go.

I relate to Layne Staley
More than I do to my mom
She doesn't use drugs
Layne did a lot
Take a guess
'em? Play like your panties and t-shirt and let 'em wet 'em

Hey yo, my ladies come in  Dueces like  Staley  and  McAllister
Came up with the 'Tics,
ladies come in +Dueces+ like +Staley+ and +McAllister+ 
Came up with the 'Tics, they help me not fall like banisters 
Sammy Sosa's got traded for Ken
do the Robbie my feet to the ball ima score wanna try me,
I'm doing this daily, a vet like I'm staley,
If ever you rate me, you better just pay me uhh!
would overdose
Hoping swamp would overdose, huh
Or a shot to the head like Cobain, huh
Decomposed, Layne Staley when discovered
Looking for a way out
tenía saldo
Ebrio como Staley Marsh, acabé potando
Sin quejarme de resaca porque antes la mato
No se pueden comparar, acaban palmando
Pinchando el balón
of you been Through worse
But I’m either going out
Kurt Cobain or Lane Staley
Cuz my Head’s all grunge
And I ain’t trying to be there Lately
Weighed down
shits okay
But my past haunts me and my demons wanna play 
I pick up
The phone don't know what to say 

Hayley you so fucking 
Staley I don't fuck with
keep it humble, smile and say maybe (YAH!)
Kickin' their ass on the daily (Daily)
Downing Kahlua and Bailey’s (Smacked)
Running the game, Duce Staley
seen hell
They scratch and then claw
Yes Dawn Staley
I came to ball
Real and deal
And shall I reveal
My pinky toe
Has more sex appeal
The secret
from the HVP (Hitch Village)
Rest In Peace to my nigga Thirst (Dust)
In the studio on Staley u argued that I should be first

The gift and the curse I
and it's never less
Gave you 7 in 5, that was just sleight of hand
Subtle flex just to remind you who the hell I am
L to the... the second comin' of Staley
panties and t-shirt and let 'em wet 'em

[Murphy Lee]
Hey yo, my ladies come in +Dueces+ like +Staley+ and +McAllister+
Came up with the 'Tics, they help me
all away
Even now inhale
So the stress can break

I've been tweaking, haven't felt me as of lately
I get so fucked up, I might go out like Staley
I want
moving wrong
Im packing on the daily I'm mailing shit bitch I'm Karl Malone
Get ya dollars you moving right or you moving wrong
I'm deuce Staley seen
in chains
cuando te perdi
no fui el mismo como staley
vos mi rider yo tu deep

no es amor
solo es calentura
pero que horror
quema siempre este dolor
think might of flinched
Its time to bail, my since of smell is what cocaine intices
Bail with Joe ?Staley? tried to ban me cause of high yea yo prices

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