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This is what I think I seen

Squirm, squirm went the worm
Squirm, squirm went the worm

Here is message number five, you are here, you're alive
Do the squirm
Do the squirm
With my face in outer space
Do the squirm
Invite me over here
Anytime I'll be
You make me squirm  
I get shivers 
When I watch you mince 
How could someone 
Make me feel so sick 
You make me squirm  
I fall over when
Make You Squirm
Watch You Squirm
Make You Squirm
Watch You Squirm

You Know How To Make Me 
I Know How To Make You

Make You Squirm
Watch You Squirm
remember it was mine)

Two tokes, I'm six feet under
We do what some of you cannot
Don't squirm, I can steal my thunder
Too late, they've got my number,
Now watch me slither as I make you 

Squirm, in pure agony
I make you bleed
Every last drop is the memory of 

Hush, mother of me, I watch you dream
and space began to squirm
And that little squirm turned into bumping
I once did hear a little worm

And they can't go
No way no they're jumping
And though
a shepherd
Friend want dick I give her next turn
Pussy good it make my legs squirm

Dummy bitches make my head hurt
I don't even wanna sex her
She just love me
take your pain away

Hold you tight only to understand
You squirm and fight until you break my hand
Truth be told I know of nothing of what you're
of witches cackling
When most of y'all can't even handle me
These days we all we got
Barracks to the grave til coffins drop
Earthworms squirm in fresh dug
Puking blood as you gasp and squirm for air
Never seen such a fatal wound
Your vision rapidly begins to fade
Succumbing to your fatal demise
your breath and count to three
Words got round, don't you start a fight with me
Oh she loves it, she loves the way you squirm and fight
She wants to ruin
me crazy
Screaming down in the parking lot

Are you ready for the burn, You crazy old bitch
You like to make me squirm, You broken down old wrench
And I'm nothing but a worm to you.

Would you like to cut my head off?
Would you like to see me squirm?
Would you like to see me shrivel in the sun?
I don’t got time for this type of mentality
Kick it to the curve, Watch me swerve
Shit watch and learn
Flip the pyramid leaders squirm
It’s my turn
are my ladies giggle and squirm
Three bionic idiots ("eat the worm! ")
Your deejays for the affair
Where we'll be gettin' down and won't be comin' up
the only simple way 


Squirm  squirm 

Go home and don't come back 

Look at you  you dirty mindless wreck 

Worthless as a minor tiny
bloody mess
Not an animal, it's an abortion

Body, I'm not an animal
Mummy, I'm not an abortion

Throbbing squirm
Gurgling bloody mess
I'm not
bloody mess
Not an animal, it's an abortion

Body, I'm not an animal
Mummy, I'm not an abortion

Throbbing squirm
Gurgling bloody mess
I'm not
and see
Watch me squirm baby
But you are just what I need

And I've never played a fair game
I've always had the upper hand
But what good is intellect
strangers squirm

Many souls are weaved into his bones
They wail they cry they scream
Through music and thought
They're a liberated flock of doves released
You're gonna learn
The hard way if you don't self educate & burn
For my investments I want good returns
And I wanna see my enemies squirm
Tryna find
I’m cold blooded
And the sight of me can make people squirm
‘Cause I’m a reptile with a reputation
Whether I slink or slither
You’ll never see me
Rousing to see how you squirm,
And I rejoice your damn turn,
Out of the sight, not my life
You're on the watch for a new try

I'm gonna watch you go

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