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love toys with squeakers
Ahh, ahh, triggered no
Squeaker toys are the worst, if I could then I would put 'em all in a curse
And erase them from existence
to get rid of her
Shawty keep wasting my time, so I might just hop out the Bentley truck
Fuck what that bitch gotta say cus that little squeaker ain't
a magic touch oh

a magic touch oh

The honkers and the squeakers might be stealin' the show
But we don't go for that, so while we blow

Hi-ho, lackadaise, for it's a natural fact
I ain't no
instead of counting sheep
You're a picky eater
With that little squeaker
And you're never cold
But I'm never sold
You're the one I love
And this I know
talk about year missions
One day they will look at the kid
And they will see competition
Got the voice of a squeaker
But got the heart rapper
bro, still feeds every match
Jetlon barely speaks out in the group chat
Liam is the youngest, squeaker of the pack
I barely sleep keep killing the tracks
the bleachers
Got a bitch squeaking, no squeaker
Bitch got geeked up, Kobain a reacher
Talk shit get hanged nigga, hanged nigga
Bang bang squad bang nigga, bang
Music pouring from my car speakers 
Getting to work on time gonna be a squeaker 
Traffic slower than a ketchup race 
But here I sing, smile on my
through your speaker
Turn her into a squeaker, freak her
Cleaner than a virgin in detergent, serving herb in
The all black suburban, with a turban, swerving
a shoota on me till I die lit
My lyrics yeah I write it
Sometimes I go freestyle it
Like some tracks on the album
Squeaker I sound like Alvin
Err is obsessed
know that they ain't ready for the new breed
Let them grow cold with the swing of the Cleaver
Shove a lead pole through the throat of a squeaker

is Mr. Lenz
Runnin' down the street tryna find that bloody Ice Cream Truck
Runnin' runnin' runnin' and I ain’t even got a buck
Sneakers squeakers e'ry
the tweakers
I keep that free base cause I’m a big speaker
We stay in the trap like this shit ain’t illegal
My shooter be ready to kill a squeaker
We trap out
satisfied I’m proudly rise
Smiling face never die
Counting down 5,4,3,2,1
Highest on my feet Rolling dice
Squeaker in my room Looking for mice
I hop
Earnest exclamation
Spouts tone deaf'd cords
Gilded torque now strangled horse
Missed pleasures

Skyward sea light beacon
Hock-shined squeaker sheen
you a squeaker
And you need a whole lot of cash if you want a feature
She ain’t got no ass, lil boy you can keep her
And either she farted, or she
harder shit
Janky lil Jenkins whatchu thinkin you ain't Leroy
The way this world is crafted, mine I crafted Killjoys
Buncha lil squeakers what they thinkin
a gay shit
That's into dudes
He wants to fuck Curtis
Raw dog no lube
I said bitch I'm a Squeaker
Bitch I'm a squirrel
When we gonna learn
That Dylan has
know I will rupture your anal cavity
So much space in your asshole like no gravity
Fuck yo opinion
I'm squeaking like a minion
Bitch I'm a squeaker
Cat dog fight sequel
Swear the act just like ike and tina
So we went back to the G just for Re' to release lil squeaker
Then we move back down to the d,
Yeah, I put my axe in the door like "here's Johnny"
If I hear a squeaker in-game, I'm leaving this lobby
Spoiling the match, how to deal wit'
I’m such a squeaker, just like I’m toad

Yuh, yuh, yuh we the gamers
Ay, ayyy, ayyy we the gamers
Yuh, yuh, yuh we the gamers
Ay, ayyy, ayyy we

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