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We had a meetin', shit (sup)posed to been squashed 
We had a meetin', shit (sup)posed to been squashed
We had a meetin', shit (sup)posed to been
We had a meetin', shit (sup)posed to been squashed 
We had a meetin', shit (sup)posed to been squashed
We had a meetin', shit (sup)posed to been
I been doing me since you left
I just squashed it
I just made a post an I can see that you watching
I know what you want said I'm gone
Not forgotten
You know me, I'm that red and black angel
Step to me and you get squashed like Play-Doh
My shit slaps like chicken alfredo
Stackin my guap and I'm
What's really me, yeah
What do I wanna be, brother
Little nigga its true, uh
You got squashed in your room
What's it all for, he said
Shoes off, hands wash
If you want this virus to get squashed
Hands wash, shoes off
Hands wash, shoes off
Hands wash, shoes off
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
When I sing like Drake 
Make her scream like Meek 
She was mad that I cheated 
But we squashed that beef 
I ain't shit nah 
But she treat me like
want to break this prison
Squashed chaos and concentrate living
I live in underground cities
Forced down to do your bidding
I want to break this
Yeah, yeah
Ayo, I got you right where I want you

Now I don't settle for defeat or no loss
Understand that our fuckin' beef is not squashed
I took it
I'm cool
With spoils
Just tell me who dies
Tell me who finds luv
Run over by a
Squashed by a 
Crushed by a
Crazy raisin

What's your problem huh?

And just stand back, away from my snack

A great big squash just sat upon my hat

A great big squash just squished my hat real flat

He squashed my
If I went to your house
Would you wait for me
And on the way to your house
Ah la la
I squashed a bug
And it went

Well hey man you're squishing me
some sense
Least back then I had some friends
2020 really sucked
How do we make amends
Squashed the beef now I'm vegan
Some grudges ain't worth keeping
My squad better than ya squad
We could throw some hands we can have it squashed, yuh
81G till i Rest In Peace
They can’t fuck w me I’m a prodigy, yuh
and warm
It stands to reason:

Barbecues, burgers and buns,
Tasty food for eating in the sun.
A burger with ketchup
Squashed in a bread bap:
The perfect
don't ball hog
Like a bic i stay packing that heat dog
Told him "read'em and weep" dog
You feeling froggy then LeapFrog
Might leave you squashed

You know that beef aint big
Be chilling around 
While you got a bag on your head
You know that beef aint squashed
Rest in peace to Lil Derek
a skybox
They get squashed with the bottoms of my skytops
Back then they thought they was big, cyclops
Said I wouldn’t make it
They ain’t even made it off
strikes the hour of full moon confidential Bulls eye carnage insects squashed and spattered Silenced and cleansed Another roadkill down the line  Mask
squashed and squished
Cuz I've been me while you got peeved and pissed
But fuck u I'll do back flips on trampolines and shit
I flex casually on accident
a familiar light
As I face planted into a river
The functions in my brain refuse to deliver
When you're squashed into a room with too many people
I was
Squashed! Choke the verminous to synthetize

Memories expunged to reshape the past
Entertainment to benumb the masses

The more you want to take
a blue mobile
Squashed up with the bitches in the back seat
She dancing on my lap man she got no chill
Tim Burton vans' stay glowing on my feet
And every
and you crawl
You don't mean anything at all
You're with me alone
Squashed like a bug
Monster among men
Monster among men
I’m not finished with you
I will

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