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Why take everything you see? You'll have nothing left to squander If you keep pushing me away You'll have no one left to love
You throw it all away
Dj bring it back dapada
Ina kwana ina kwana
Ina gejia ina gejia
Everythin' nma ranma
Ka yin weta cash for squander bring the money
Ina kwana ina
waiting for something to die

And it's so easy to break a heart on a sleeve
To squander the love of someone you need
To squander the love of someone you
you're on the stage
When you feel the eyes fall to you
Make no mistake or find
When you're on the stage
There isn't blood to squander
When you're
Cus I'm a prisoner to my head and they're are monsters under the bed
No time to squander over what they said
I put a gun in my mouth and shoot myself
my immolation
Rip in my heart
Tears my sense apart
As hamletian

Decision still remains unmade
For squander let me blame the fate
Fear so strong
thunder! The end is coming soon
Squander all your forces
With the dice of destiny
There's no winner in the end
A world in misery

Night turns into day
the seas still dry?
Don't blame this sleeping satellite.
Did we fly to the moon too soon, 
did we squander the chance in the rush of the race,

And as the day turns over
When in our evening slumber
In a half-lit squander
We'll stay inside because we're torn and dumb
Kept warm in
nobody home?
How many roads will you have to wander;
How many dead end streets?
How many dreams will you finally squander,
Dodging your own defeats?
and wither away for seven days more.

Company I keep is wrong,
Squander light until it's gone,
One more wasted day is done,
Nothing new under the sun.

I roamed the world for love and glory
Full-time ambassador of mirth
I never thought that I'd be sorry
To squander most of my true worth

The sun
the seas still dry?
Don't blame this sleeping satellite.
Did we fly to the moon too soon, 
did we squander the chance in the rush of the race,
is nothing else
Who cares what people say?
Who cares what people say?

Why do you squander?
Why do you hoard?
Why do you squander?
Why do you
the only thing that helps you forget
you've made your promises
that's not enough this time
there's only so much you can squander from a feeble mind
to tear down a god
Fear I forever feel the same
Fear I forever live the same
That’s not reality, too much potential
Squander my path, they think it’s simple
it up to the top came too far for me to go squander it
Ready to go
Everything I plunder I had always wondered coming up ten feet below
be on your own
Won't be lonely any longer
When the birds have flown
You won't be on your own
With something you won't squander
When the birds have
long to compare
And we're just splitting hairs so the plans always fall through
So tell me why we even bother
When every chance we get we Squander
drop of wine
I'm happy knowing that you're mine

I wasted all my years caring about the reasons
Squander times,  meaningless Seasons
If I'm not happy
I've got seconds left to squander
You've got lifetimes left to wander
We can see it in the mirror
Reflect the eyes and make it clearer

I'm faded


A good thing

Fuck a
Wedding ring

I need
Many things

Including her and including you

I'm faded

the pain
From loving you

Squander the daytime
Wallow through the night
Hide from the shadows by the pale moonlight
Stuck in a daydream
I'm floating the jet
Papé Satàn, papé Satàn aleppe

Why do you horde? Why do you squander 
Why do you horde? Why do you squander

Crush their hopes like their bones

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