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Man, I'm fucked up, ridin' with that Glock docked (skrrt)
Met the gang, beat your ass, bet your Papa Doc (beat him)
Squally ass nigga, nigga, you
the squally squaw,
Prolly hard, get it all the squally in the party pa,
Right in the Hammerstein,
Gasoline, tear gas, pepper seed, tear fast,
Knight sticks
adrift, in between the concrete and the mist
Just another inner city river bliss

Suave slobs, conquer, Manahatta
Wally's on my feet, Squallies on the creep
Can't be riding with no squally my nigga
Soon as them broke bitches come around
They be fucking, sucking for some wallet my nigga
Keeping the metal
I put my bitch in Chanel shoes I Put my bitch in Chanel shit
That nigga ain't never sell shit
Squally ass nigga I know you a tell shit
Squally ass
The coppas get behind me, imma do the dash
Broski in the passenger said squally on yo ass

Going insane
I want the money i dont want the fame
Niggas be goofy
off the mazi
Baby she loving the body
I got to hit and go get me a squally
Loving the fitted and rented the mazi
I can't fuck with niggas that's here
straight slugs
I got blue tips in this gun (blue)
Ain't even goin' for none (no, no)
Twelve, yeah, squally I run (twelve)
Young nigga fresh out on bond
Mostly me and sometimes them
But mostly me, oh shit man, that's one time them

Squally, so through your set up please
Let me know if you're really
chow bow down now (squally)
Go in girls ass (ah ah ah)
Be in Huston with Flip
In Memphis with 6
Atlanta T.I
We handle D.I
God damn I be fly
Hi so Cameron
Ness on the beat
Cheffin' up like Squally, yeah

CV cash, hundreds, eat that, dash (skrrt)
Gotta keep that glass (yeah)
I'ma keep that cash
to squally we strangers, plus
I keep my thug niggaz, my thug niggaz
I keep my blood niggaz, my blood niggaz
Spend it all I ain't no cheap ass nigga
at the cops can't stand us (fuck squally)
And belligerent and packin hammers (loaded)
And my constituents a act bananas (monkey business)
Cause they get
even I thought the stove was on
But the stove was off, I was just rollin' hot
I was just rome the block

Hard body, I'm a rolling block
Dodge squally, I
what we gon' die by (Dip-Set)
So these rules I abide by
I'm duckin' shots on a driveby, finger the cops, yeah when they ride by
Squally, is
my squally
It's gonna be a funeral so I let the choppa sang
Playground on my neck baby let my chain swang
How you giving head baby I can't even hang
chasin dope
It's squally
Lotta bullshit Lotta looking at my shoulder
Specially up in the south
That’s why I be like fuck squally
We can’t even have a party
Anything just to flex
me because I'm next up
Bitches on my body wanna ride me like a Harley 
Fuck her then I leave I'm sorry I can't date no squally 
Henny ain't codeine,
at her so I stumbled and called and said
Then my dumb ass would fall
And she laughed and I smiled at her ass for while then I glanced at her child
know who there 
But I promise me and squally ova there! 
Xani in me so yo face I might forget 
Just a little 
But my body gone remember cuz the sex
smoke we give em cancer
He got problems I got answers
Pistol black just like the panthers
Screaming free my brother squally
Quick to do a nigga sloppy
chow bow down now (squally)
Go in girls ass (ah ah ah)
Be in Huston with Flip
In Memphis with 6
Atlanta T.I
We handle D.I
God damn I be fly
Hi so Cameron
thinking you sizing me up
Pulling up hopping out all by myself, but really I got all my guys in the cut
Stay on my post try not to boast, squally would come

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