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Frogs, Sprouts, Clogs & Krauts (The Rumour) · Roots & Sprouts (Rabih Abou-Khalil)

in my eyes
To the brim they filled up

Days and night pass 
But stilt I must go to lay in the grass 
And weep by the willows
In the stone garden
Futile wars for fruitless words
Written by shadow kings
Their shrapnel seeds the desert fields
And sprouts this fear we see

Devils do not need
soldiers in green coats and picklehaube
Joined by the old singer from Manchester
"In the 1990s" [in odd "drunk" voice]

Brutal fracture
Leaves sprout in
I shave

Now the sky is floating by
But I am not a cloud
And I've decided
I was not designed to fly

After all, I'm only sand
To irritate
I shave

Now the sky is floating by
But I am not a cloud
And I've decided
I was not designed to fly

After all, I'm only sand
To irritate

Lips of times of secret 
Murmur evil sprouts
Purges the redeemer

The angel of voices
Injected by silence
Last breath of nails
the river dries up
You can determine where a river once was
Just by examining rocks

Your face never forgets a cry
Like trace remnants of acid in your
starts my life through your death
Here starts the true fight
Here starts my path through the chaos

By your lies you've betrayed us
And from this
I'm not racist I hate everyone and yes, I hate you. 
I hate cops,
Authority figures, parents, teachers too. 
I hate cabbage & brussel sprouts. 
I shave

Now the sky is floating by
But I am not a cloud
And I've decided
I was not designed to fly

After all, I'm only sand
To irritate
think you need a quota!}
The gardens known as cities sprout ferns and tulips
A sexy "hi" followed by requests to do it
When funky duds is drapin' off
Destroy your safe and happy lives before it is too late,
The battles we fought were long and hard,
Just not to be consumed by rock n' roll
certain that his master
Doesn't mean him any harm

Dapple Rose he doesn't want you anymore
Times gone by you will remember
Dapple Rose you are cold

Ned Kelly was a victim of the changes
That came when his land was a sprout and seed
And the wrongs he did were multiplied in legend
With young
subjected to torture
Unknown. Where bodies once lay, the ground in now fertile to sprout
The tree of damnation. A sign of remembrance that brings forth
hesitate to deem me all bad
Yet when my face is shown, your eyes avert
New thoughts sprout from that fearfilled soil
Your nerves and intuition back
the roof
I realized it's time to eat my words and face the truth

So come on over tonight we'll sit on the swing
Watch the pigs fly by flappin' their brand
No, no, no
Where do we go now
The corporate nightmare, sprouts like weeds
As we ignore, oh so conveniently
Like a coloring book, this land
We color
of a star
with the unheard noise.
Grasses sprout widely in the quiet morning temperature.
Beginning of storm blown by the wind, everything sways.
control from high above
Shines here below
The final test shall soon be passed
Heaven's pride dwells deep inside
But now will sprout its wings and fly
sprout seeds of stealth
I'm waiting patiently for the day
When I let the world turn by itself
Till the moment when I'm dancing
Like no-ones watching
O, Serpent and Lion!
I invoke Thee!
Inside the shrine called life
By the seven wonders
By myriad mortals
That gone
And are to come
You rent it out to someone else
You'll make more money than you ever did before
Food to rent, food to borrow
Deposit required, I'll return it by
I'm gonna sleep by myself tonight
Kiss the world good night
We just hit mile three thousand thirty three 
We're heading west on interstate eighty,
And so it goes
Or so I'm told
Your foolish heart
Is good as gold

When what you sow
Is all your dreams
They'll sprout up soon
Or so it seems

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