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Made of a thousand lies
Spreading your christian filth
Praying to a god that has died
In hell you live your life
Engulfed by darkness
The devils work
whirling, and the smell of hell is spreading all around
The appearance of spirits of Darkness from the heart of Hell
A necromantical union brought forth
spheres I dance
Spreading my wings
In the forest of pernicious black
Night is eternal
The sun is forever consumed
Embraced by the beautiful blackness
The darkness has landed
A moon on the sky
Dark coven gathered
For the nocturnal right
A cloak on his shoulders
Bell and dirk in his hands
High priest
be darkness
There will be blood tonight
Now let the riots begin
Convulsed by protest
And civilization collapse

Monumental terror spreading like
Through midnight spheres I dance
Spreading my wings
In the forest of pernicious black

Night is eternal
The sun is forever consumed
Embraced by
Take a table
In the evening
By the waterside

Lonely eyes watch
As the moon shines
Down a silver tine

Looking out from this position
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

With the curse of death he stands
In the darkness cold and black
Looking over the lands preparing his attack
spreading around the world, like a deadly decease
The army of darkness has just one goal, death and
Destruction to all
Wanling the powers of evil revealed,
out, I've no doubts
A man in herd, with a lack of conscience
This won't be my way, can't see where's the sense

Darkness spreading thicker day by day
a spreading calm
Then suddenly my eyes were bathed in a light
And the lovely lady in white was by my side
She said "Like me I see you're walking alone
Wake up America, I got a problem
Something you may not believe
There is poison in the darkness
Spreading like a bad disease
I never thought I'd
the darkness unfurl, venting it's self with a murderous thirst
Abomination of birth
Not of this earth

Not Of This Earth, Unseen by the science of man
are flies
Swarming towards the true insects
Feasting on buried dreams
And spreading decay upon your skin
His eyes spew forth a darkness
That cut
Come experience hate like you never have before
Spreading from the fallen Tower of Babel
Bread and circuses means
To keep us from the truth
Like a human flesh-eating bacteria,
Growing bigger and bigger by the fucking day.
Multiplying faster and faster,
Like a spore spreading fungus in
Spreading death and vile decay

When in the darkness, the groans are all we hear
The sunshine rises, they never disappear
When they
Something moves in the still dark hours Sunday in a shanty town Wyelids open two by two But not a single light goes on 
Tension builds as the only
On the day you were born
He marked your soul with evil
Out on the streets
You were growing spreading fear
Under your hair three sixes appear
You were
is red and nature
Falls in disgrace
Space is dread
There's no place to be safe
The quasar is coming
Ordered by my mind
Spreading X-rays
eternal night 
A serpent crawled into the light.

And so from darkness a rage without measure 
Burst spreading the cancer 'cross Eden,
White hair and red eyes
He's holding the crown
The king of the island
Elric of Melnibon
He's born for destruction
He's ruled by the gods
with only aim to take revenge on Christ
Spreading the spawn (here on earth) of self-sacrificing beasts the darkness' breed
Preparing human kind
the result
Epileptic doom of lacerated cannibals
Wrapped up the earth in a shroud
Eternal darkness artificial brightness
Exclusive possession of death
Spreading fire burns everything unrestrained
Inhospitable indefinite wasteland
Methane lakes emerge poisonous

Mass extinction