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of protection, keeps you dry
Spray it on,
Roll it on,
Spit it on,
Wipe it on,
Rub it on,
Splash it on,
Put it on,
Get it on,
Your perspiration zone
Hoping this sucky bitch will fuck me

Now you like Madonna with a splash of J-Lo
Mixed with Halle Barry and Anna Nicole
Cause when
Girls going wild in the water (wild)
Girls going wild in the water (splash)
Made a couple halves from a quarter (chef it)
Tryna turn a kid into
Just one look at you, I've got contact
Can I get a pull of that
Girl, your shit is the chronic
'Cause I can tell by the way you roll it up
and I'm loadin up the zone
Liberation by Outkast, my favorite smokin' song
Thinkin all I want to do is be up in the sky
And I can’t make no excuse
Ours are the cries that breathe life in the concrete
Ours are the tears that splash genius at God's feet
Ours are
there was no chance when we was in the zone
we was alone at the top we had hops we got props
and when we needed to we busted chops
wipe the court with
this straight and fix your face.
I ain't gotta sell millions. I'm in the buildins
With poppy comin through with them bricks by eight.
Listen cocksucker
it got quite wild now
Morning's approached and I wrestle with a headache
That was spawned in hell by the devil himself
Now it's, not quite clear
seems to splash my cock
I'm dead, they just didn't leave the casket locked
Pass my block I let shots drill in your spleen
We're ill marines with hand
Enter my danger zone Northern Cali
Yes son from the valley to the bay
The mighty Norte got it sewn
We bout half a mill' people up in these
rules when these iron shots are stoned dun
This heat burn through your flesh, stright to the bones
I reach for the buddha cess and zone
I probably have

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