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Fly like Takeoff
You just spinoff
My dick get off
My dick get off
This shit lit like bic, bitch we on
This shit lit like bic, bitch we on

Fly like
Blaize I hate you
Fly like Takeoff
You just spinoff
My dick get off
My dick get off
This shit lit like bic, bitch we on
This shit lit like bic, bitch
Gros c'est mon cœur
Qui me donne des coups
Et sans mes coups
J'remplie pas une feuille
J'remplie pas une feuille
J'avance tout seul
Aucun spin-off
We-we-we-we been up
Please make me believe life is free
Please make me believe I'm not me
Please make me believe life is free
Please make me believe
programming lineup.
That's a pretty daunting task.
And the producers weren't up to it.

Instead they turned out three Simpson's spin-off's. 
Spin-offs with those who slept like corpses
Damp morning rays in the stiff bad clubs
Killing time in the '70s
Smelling of love through the moist winds
should know my lights don't
turn off, and this is my sitcom,
you're just a spin-off, and I don't mean to be harsh,
but sister you're lost, one like Jay
begging me don't let me go
We vow like the letter "O"
To never go our separate ways
And spin-off into separate shows
Tired of all the wardrobe changin'
profit grommet teams solidify the clot to slippery city salt piston pump drain
But hold those incredible console with the Russian roulette baboon spin-off
spot, make a movie, and then I spin off
Come back and make the spin-off
Fuck it, let's take the tint off, nigga

I had to cut a couple niggas off
a spin-off
Maririn, O Mari-ri-ri-rin
Why does joy end where you begin?
tragedy, thriller and soap
But no spin-off to grace any screen
Will your public endorse you on what they observe
From this lifetime achievement in scenes
difference does it make
So many spinoffs it's like a game of give and take
Its just something made to separate us all
So many people deceived and wonder why
they spin-offs 
Riding they bikes with the wheels off 
They wonder how we feel uhh
That's our business stay real cause the others look real off 

bitches tripping
I just hit "end call"
They don't want smoke cause I'm fresher than menthols 
They copy me they just look like some spin-off's 
Swear that
the franchise is done
You will find another one
When the spin-off is done
What the fuck will you do?
When the books are all gone
What the fuck will you do?
On aura bientôt nos têtes sur des vitraux, bref
J'crains pas les malheurs de la môme moi
Et si l'succès ne vient pas seul, quoi
On l'attend au coin
with no spinoffs you'll never see the sequel
Get out my group of people
We were never equal
All my lyrics are weapons not tactical but lethal
Your heart
bets bouta lift off 
We the real deal yall just a lil spin-off  
Suckas hella spooked got em runnin like a kick off
Haha Yea i grew up with hogs
spin off
All these rappers sounding like a bunch of spin-offs
Heard she want me for my money, don't get sent off
I just copped me one but I still want
They tryna steal my style they spinoff
I get T'd up like I'm ready to kick off
The block hot I make it jump like it's tip off
Get too close to me and you
out like the way walkers crossed out your ex
Go adopt another spinoff like it was your step daughter
You're dragging your plot on so much, you turn your
sucker shit
I spin-off in a Benz don't worry that's just my lastest shit
That he said she said shit i won't no part of it
Just give me what I'm owed and we
up with questions
Doubting myself
Turned into the early days of my depression

But this the spinoff
2020 vision
My future clearer than ever
My future

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