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thoughts on the antique
road fest
bungee jumping
in so.....
On a muggy night in the north end in July
A kid named Joseph Beeper Spence
Took a shotgun blast to the back
And died...
There by the CP tracks,
with this hymn
No more glory

While the glory of God is simple to sum
The heaven of headlights is better
And much easier to attain
By the Spence in
Thanksgiving at the Middletown Mall

His real name is Spencer, but his friends call him Spence
The crowd's flowing by near his usual bench
And he stares
Spence the track pimp
Dangerous when I murder bass lines like Shawn Kemp
'Cause my whole game official, my hot ones ain't going to miss you
What they
One-fifty-eight Lewis Avenue 
Between Lafayette and Van Buren, that was back during 
The days of hangin on my Bed-Stuy block 
With Spence
K-Borne baby
I'm on the Next Level
Learn from En Vogue
I need Spence like a Chevy

Sees them separate
Stop confusing your feelings
This move we got
Don't stop for the door why do you think green mean gold?
Baby learn life's lessons scratch regression
Kel Spence the truth, the answer to all questions
I'm wet cash the check, grab the tech an jet
10 G's in my pocket headed straight to Spence
I want my shit all baggets
But it cost too much
peers hit the driveway
My nigga Spence is on the side of the house, totin' a K
Windows are tinted, so we can't see this nigga's face
In a minute, it's

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