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When you make the Kool-Aid
You put your own amount of sugar in it
Sweet, sweet love to your taste
To your own specifications
Now tell Kool-Aid,
When you make the Kool-Aid
You put your own amount of sugar in it
Sweet, sweet love to your taste
To your own specifications
Now tell Kool-Aid,
Thus must warn

(All humans who do not meet the required specifications
For salvation will perish)

I piss into the face of the crowd
Lyrically I
Just love that I believe

I'm gonna start me a world
Get it right for two
I'm gonna start me a world
That's home for me and you

I'm gonna start me
flat of angles
Right down to its gables

And first he started on the floorboards
120 degrees from window
Doors open to specification
And keeps out
open to specification
And keeps out stupid neighbours

Very safe is flat of angles
Cheap rent too his flat of angles
Down to it's gables

Here he
For your love
You wanted certain specifications
I circled the one that said all the above
Work... for love
Finally got my resume
And you said you'd
and madness drove us together
Minds with specification as life sucks like a leech
Failures were common place - none could escape those

Spin-offs made his
To any gender specification
'Round these parts I treat a bitch equally
Correlation equals causation
Sometimes it's best 
If you let a bitch be
Send my new girl on a special vacation
Dinner in Paris
Man that's a helluva day trip
Read twenty books this year
Im just flexing
Much better looks
Society has different expectations
Like marry your own stick to your tribe
Stick to your religion stick stick to your zone
They say the patient dog
as diversity
Progress in the name of efficiency
Inclusion through classification
It's classic
Equal through specification - special
Inclusion through
specifications, its ....
Extensive experiance ... approx 800 rounds per minute.

Destroy personel
Destroy personel
Destroy personel
your stupid head
Council legislation, hedge specification
New planning permission, suburban segregation

This is my stand, it's my fence
Mental health is
specification, communal fragmentation
Suburban segregation, a battle of 

We live round here too and we know what you plan to do, just try us
Watch the colors turn to blue
As everything must do
Unique specimens accrue
Before you can record the distinct variations
Formalize specifications
demons dwell in greed

Your lust plants the seed

Stipulations - specifications

Defecation - ejaculation

Domination - estimation

Alienation -
Voices From The Bottle.

No specifications, no restrictions.
Your reception to revolution it's necessary to change the normality.

Nothing controls
own bags

These niggas talking this preference shit
With tech specifications when it's time to pull up they fly played 
Like 90 degree for my paper

thinking love is blind
Clench your fists yeah write
"She's just not my type"

Why all these conflicting specifications
Maybe to prevent overpopulation
Through Extended noise generation
Let's cut the conversations to a small chat (why's that?)
I'm busy tryin to react to the hi-hat
Forty round box magazine,
Or may use a standard thirty round magazine,

Despite a specification of six-hundred rounds per minute,
Of the coast
Yeah It's ideal
Go learn the laws
Check the model
This is the norm
What I require
Is sticking to the rules
Set an example
Lab testing
never cause a scene
Who meets my every specification
One who's a walking and talking dream

And when the night is cold and lonely
My convenient lover

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