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Lupe, Fiasco's, "Food & Liquor"
[Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, Food & Liquor
Yeah, my man said he wanted something real, 
Real, real, real, real
Something he could recognize, something he
And now Ladies & Gentlemen, Lupe Fiasco

Filet mignon with my food stamps
Car cosigned by my mama
Medical card from Obama
Background check for
scuba'd way down low
Put the top down on my fears
Put the roof up on my woes
I dropped that food and liquor to put you up on my stove
They shoplifted
and pushed in this fiasco, like Lupe.
Back that ass up like Juve, cause the south we giving them satisfaction.

Ever since I signed with luda and them, my

[Lupe Fiasco]
Now I'm chi-town born and I'm chi-town bread
Call me west-side lu'
But I know about them north-side blue's and them south-side
Paint Ain't Lookin Bright (I Swang On Em Swang On Em)

We Ride We Ride 22s Or Betta
We We Ride We Ride 22s Or Betta
I Swang On Em Swang On Em [x2]

Gorilla for the scrilla, an ape about my cake
The rap game don't work I'm back to pushin' selling weight
Got a family to feed, gotta put some food up
Less liquor shops and pawn shops and we by gold
And why (shut up) black history always start with slavery
So even when I'm learning they still
getting lost ran into Kate Moss
Fed her a nine course full of chopped horse and forced her to toss

10 times divorced I speak in Morse
dot dot dash dot dash
phone, don't even eat my food
Matter of fact we don't speak and it was just me and you
In the house, with that mouse, and them traps and that gat
speak louder I can't hear

(Yo AK) Yo It's me Zaakir!
I was sittin at the television feelin' disturbed
Hey yo, I just got the word, off
me that we're still not a slave
in the land of free and the home of the brave?  (mmmm)
Knowledge Cipher, divided by Power Equals Wisdom
But you know we
Believe it you gonna lie
Believe it you gonna ride
By the words that we speak
You gonna live or die

Like it's time for the real ones to step it up
tattling rattle them 'till they had enough
And like old liquor,kali can speak easy,be breezy
And if I lick her,kali can freak easy,your breezy

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