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it pierces my heart,
and I step forward
Every time I see them,
I feel encouraged
Something inside me is moved
by the people around me
At times I
Lay me down on a griddle of sweat
Lay me down, it's been a long day
Time to unwind, time to relax
Let the tension flow away

My body's weary
Not a day goes by I don't think about you
You left your mark on me it's permanent a tattoo
Pierce the skin and the blood runs through
Oh my baby
is sinking
Weighed down by rational thinking light begins to pierce the distance
Solar dawn relieve the friction

Blue hours quicken the pulse
He's gone nothing will take back time
I need him back, but nothing will take back time

I can see just fine with you in my life,
There by my side
I'm away

Look at my face you pierce with a blank stare
No dream could prepare a heart for a lifeless friend
He's gone Nothing will take back time
Not a day goes by I don't think about you
You left your mark on me it's permanent a tattoo
Pierce the skin and the blood runs through
Oh my baby
Ma stir the fire this time that'd snatch your tomorrow
The thousand yard spear that'll pierce through your armor
You can get it on right now if you
time is taken by the gentle wind
To make the space for love.

The night surrounds us
As we walk the quiet street
While time is taken by the gentle
Running in the human race
'round in circles
No sense of time and space
Or who we are
Let me pour some water in your wine
Let's talk about the future
burning fear
Their eyes don't pierce
Slowly worked
Smoke ringed arms
It's too hot to mention
Slowly worked
Smoke ringed arms
Luck turned an ear

the grave


O come, O Dayspring, come and cheer
Our spirits by thine advent here
And drive away the shaves of night
And pierce the clouds
cause your loving gets me high
So to keep you by my side there's nothing that I won't try
Butterflies in her eyes and looks to kill
Time is passing
station in space


She spends her time on the streets of the city
Everyone that she meets seems to know her by name
There'll come a time when
the grinding gears
Dead for the taking
An iron hand appears

Moving up through time and space
Sun and sky reveal their face
A shock runs though
won't suit me, sweet music is my trade
For I'd rather melt the hardest heart than pierce it with a blade
Let the time be short till I return to my home in
Half in time and half in space
Through the rising incense smoke
I see him in a crouded room
I see him crossing the mountain range
If we see man
four decades now, that's nine monkey years
That's a long time for a space monkey to confront all his fears

Space monkey space monkey
What you doing out
Come my lady
Come come my lady, you're my butterfly
Sugar baby (X2)

Such a sexy, sexy pretty little thing
Fierce nipple pierce you got me
an archer wields his bow
I believe when the arrow finds its mark, it pierces the soul

Three songs for a quarter each time I open my case
Four chords
They call this world the lion's den
Don't ask us why

We're lost in space
Will time remember me
We're lost in space
Will time remember, time
(originally performed by are Kane)

She loves me she loves me she loves me
A love from outer space
She loves me she loves me she loves me
A love from
my dreams)
Time and space
While we`re young
(Floating free)
We can chase to the stars.

Searching for the magic in the universe
Guided by
never came
The hi-jacked trying so hard to be pretty

Night rains tap at my window
Winds of my thoughts passing by
She laughed when I tried to tell
open space here in my heart.

It's funny how all at once
The world can turn around,
Taking you up to bring you down.
And suddenly life has passed me by

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