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Washingtons, Jeffersons, Jacksons on the captain's log
They'd rather lead us to the grayest water poison, deadly smog
Mass un-blackening, it's happening, you
Don't even know who you are
Something about you is changing
You're acting like an alien

I think I'll put my space suit on
So I can jump into
up into space and he said look out down below
Gotta love that rocket that Grandpa rode

And the kids turned to flying machines
With their arms open
and she pay for the trees
-Understand what I'm sayin', nigga you feel me?
-Ya'll Captain Kirk ass niggaz ain't gonna survive
In this 97 space age hustle
I'm a king by blood a soldier by nature
I'm somethin' like a threat to y'all space cadets
Cause you never met brother nothin' like me yet
So push
Balancing the chemicals and imbreed pecimisst
My appearal, black hat, black shirt
Gettin' mo' pussy than Captain Kirk
My fame comes and goes like the threat
The dramatic achievements in space which have occurred in recent weeks
Should have made clear to us all
As did Sputnik in 1957
The impact of this
of April
Over the waves she rode
Sailing into tomorrow
To a golden age foretold

The night was black with starlight
The seas were sharp and clear
Critics went beszerk they ain't even heard my best work
See I broke into the mind by
Quietly goin by their eardrum walls and hotwired they skulls
sick bay
Henson he shoulda asked his upperclassmen
Before he bust blast and never trust no Kardassian'
Captains log supplemental

The Klingons are
on tape
Accompanied by Shawn j. with the bid on bait
Put the grid on plate, on the ear or tray
Hot damn it captain Kirk and the Klingons say
You can't
a pound of the blue moon hydro
Twistin it up, watch my divine mind blow
Two was a pair, of gravity boots
With a space helmet, and a Nike moon suit
They took