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by The Joker
Lorraine said I never can leave her
She'd sever my wiener I ever deceive her

F*** that s***, b****
Give up my dick for p****, I'd be
fleein the crime scene on the major decon
Power steerin, lost the handle in the Jeep spin
Deep in the seat, high pursuit by the precinct
My co-defendant
Soul exposed, no material protection
Low and behold, we going back to the essence

I be that G I to the F, when I get def up on that mic
I swing that
gave up the game for his faith
I feel like I'm caged in these chains and restraints
Grinning every stranger in the place while I gaze into space
throw metal in every hood I know
But not like the one I know

We all started innocent
Eating Reese's Pieces
I was young, then wearing 5
the thought of matter...

4. Beyond

5. Night Ride

No limits
Landing in the air
Traveling upstairs
Staying on the surface

Living on my own trace
a cliffhanger, no, I ain't a stranger
Yo, I'm Toddy Tee, and I'm a Compton banger
Wanted by the F.B.I. for transport of
Sucker MC's across the Syndicate borders