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are the sounds of a heart breaking
You can't hear it
But the noise is killing me

I should of heard it coming
But I chose to pretend
I should
are the sounds of a heart breaking
You can't hear it
But the noise is killing me

I should of heard it coming
But I chose to pretend
I should
for breaking
Big hearts are for breaking
Big hearts, big hearts
Big hearts are for breaking, yeah

You see, I got this critical conscience
A brand new
You can start by breaking my heart
Breaking my heart, breaking my heart
breaking my heart slowly
And this can't be better
So just get it over
'Cause holding on desperately

In fear that you might leave me
Is breaking my
the story
That is breaking my heart

An open fire, our favorite chair
I get a book from the shelf
But the words I am reading
Could apply to myself
Opening up my heart babe
I'm breaking down slow

I tried to fight
There ain't no use
No way to hide it
The truth is the truth
You got me tumbling
and you
See the stars on the ground watch them fall 
Hear the sound of no sound at all
But the sound of my heart breaking in two you said forever
I rushed right in
Just like a fool
So struck down by you
I didn't know what to do

I started on
Breaking my own heart
Breaking my own heart
the sound of my breaking heart
The sound of my breaking heart
The sound of my breaking heart

There's nothing good at all
In saying goodbye
I look, I
I don't know when just now

lies - breaking my heart

you think that you're such a smart girl
and I'll believe what you say
but who do you
Listen and you'll hear the sound.
Hear the sound of a heart breaking.
Not a smile left on my face.
The ending's just too sad to take.
And there's not
come my way

Here you come
My heart breaking
I'm in love
For you and more

Submitted by Michael Hack
And all hell breaks loose
Yea, my heart is a-breaking loose
Yea, my whole world's breaking loose
Yea, and evil is as does and who
Yea, but who but me could
try to put hands on my ears
Oh the sound
In my heart I'm still hearing it clear
Oh the sound
Tell me why do they fear what is real
Oh the sound
And I, I feel You breaking through in everything I do
I feel my soul renewed

I feel You breaking through, yeah

Every day I wake up to the sound
you've broken the rules
By breaking my heart you've loved like a fool
I'm breaking away, you made me give in
And making me loose what I thought I could
in the night blows the long freight train
With a roar and a ramble of wheels
My poor heart is breaking with every refrain
'Cause it sounds just like
By default by design
Time after time
Maybe you earned it,
Maybe you spurned it
But you got it...
You got it
Call it attraction or charm
be true
But when you're by his side my foolish pride
Won't let my feelings through
'Cause you're breaking my teenage heart in two

I know I won't
the Maker of the stars
Hear the sound of my breaking heart?

One life is all I am
Right now I can barely stand
If You're everything You say You are
Would You
to take it
And all at once he left and all at once my heart started breaking breaking
Judging by my love for him I thought his love for me was just
Shaking the ground
No one else out here
Lost in the sound

Lost in the sound!
To stop my heart from breaking
Maybe I'll start changing

So I turn
What is that sound
Ringing in my ears?
The strangest sound
I've heard for years and years
The sound of two hearts
Beating side by side
and let it die.
Every step you take
I'll be there right by your side.
''cause it's breaking up my heart
Feel like dying
Breaking up my heart
Feel like

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