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you to hide
We are your darkest fears
Faerie tale, nightmare fantasy
Keeper or souls, stealer or breath
The legions. Revel in ecstacy
The nightmares
he is the commander of the 7th compartment of the underworld
and deep down in the core of your soul you know that you want him

could you ever
Lustful bitch from damnation, Hell wicked slut 
Death bloody orgy 
Thousand virgins cry ecstacy and pain 
Forcing the pure to eternal perversion
Resistance falling short, I sever all my ties one by one.

Vanish into the unseen origins of infinity.
A pleasant swim in the seas of dormant ecstacy
wounds and cleanse
your soul, but never return all those
lives you stole.

[The Witch]
'You can burn in hell'

[The Preacher]
God gives you shelter
The singer of the shadows of his soul
So he's been told
Sorry I can't stop and talk now
I'm in kind of a hurry anyhow
But I'll send you a tape from
to show 

I repent now for the sins of generations. I repent now.
I repent now with a soul stained by damnation, I repent now.
"How can anyone
and killin' the coliseum
ATLiens, they on top of ya human beings
From the mothership, I'm on some other shit
Lowkey like the blow soul back in '86
But we
She stepped in the light, she was dynamite
Her eyes said, "I wanna be with you all night
I wanna rub you down, I wanna kiss, caress your soul
own home, kids, and a ride
Ride with no fears near right by my side Lost when we look in our eyes
Now I ain't going insane
I'm usually playin'
But I