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That's what love is made of
That's what love is made of

Snakes snails puppy dog tails
Sugar and spice and everything nice
Yeah yeah all right
(snakes and snails)
Some puppy dog tails (puppy dog tails)
And you’ve got a little boy, yeah, yeah
That's what love is made of
Said, that's what love is
lovas, Laid up and young at heart, 
That's what I am when I'm with you 
I wouldn't mind even growing old 
As long as you're by my side 
Piece of mind
And I'm your house, flesh walls that you create

Well life it exploded, your words duelly noted
This coming of pictures, to all of my parts
Light creates us all
Pride divides us all
Life is meaningful
The soul survives us all

Misled by science
Our wake up call
Conditioning cannot fool
If you're looking for someone that you can keep 
then, baby, pass me by 
And if you wanted something that's twenty years deep 
Baby, don't even
at work by 9 
I always thought the carefree style would be the way I lived my life 
Been trippin on 1992 when all you did was smile 
I guess that that's
ain't growin' like they ought to be they ain't had good rain since '53
We're skinny but we're healthy so we won't complain
We're in pretty good shape for
Running over quicksand
Followed by the evil-eyed
But no chance for wasteland
When our stars collide!

Waiting for the one and only soul mate
A life
gonna ever change
I see right through you
And that's one reason to go ahead
And skin your soul

Too much hell, too much pain
But too much hell ain't
the pledge

Time after time I've challenged myself
My soul heavy with regret
Eclipsed by the things I dread
Witnessed by the skins I shed

No one wants war, no

The flickering light
The heat of the flame
creates and devours
In my soul there is night

Every day I grow more immune
to social sedatives
That needs neither mouth nor words
Our minost soul transformed into notes
We are element as well as entirety
So what is paradise if not hell
Deceiving lies by those
Who follows by the book
In vain they execute

Those who search their own
Self justified truth
Mind that will create
If you're lookin' for someone that you can keep 
Well, baby pass me by. 
And if you want something that's twenty years deep 
Baby, don't even try.
bless the arrows
And the sun won't stall
And the land will never fall

On virgin fields we'll skate
Stand by children we'll create
Like the arctic wind we
turtle neck and my chain so skinny
Beer light all night, stand up get dizzy
Light cup, beer drink, thin so chain,
Neck turtle fat, man I won't say it again
Neubaten tee, plaid flannel-laden adolescent art kid
Tony Hawk hair, Skinny Puppy denim
And a record player vomiting Alien Sex Fiend
Rise into the elder world
The burning purgatory
Deadly cosmic terror
The lowest dephts of hell

I signed the book of blood
By will - now that's
was meant to be
Destroying all that was built by the feeble race of man
Channeling the souls of the fallen, into the newborn master
His scars are
When I see the reconstruction of souls
Evolution that is built on lies
I just watch how they create this
So called new form of life
Should I glorify
Decay, devoured by evil 
Slave to this hell 
He creates 

Corpses are suspended by their feet 
Swaying dripping bloody piece of meat
'Words move, music moves
Only in time [...]"

In the labyrinth of soul
The internal voice roams
He burns the flowers of dreams
The time is his
a little dirt
On the country road
That's been paved
By the way they've been
Spiting on the old boys graves
Waitin' on Hank to come on back
And lay
time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you

On the day that you were born
and the angels got together
And decided to create

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