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I fell
By the side of the road
Too tired to tell where I was
(Where were you?)
I don't know...
(Where was I?)
I want to be your friend again
Tell her that I love her
And I'm sorry that's all
And by the way thank you for being so kind
If I've taken up too much of your time
I'm sorry but
Pitsmoor, Badger, Wincobank, Crookes, Walkley Broomhill, Oh! 
[Candida, quoting from some book] 
"I was only about eleven when this happened.
little facts

"Well you know, smoking takes ten years off your life"
Well it's the ten worst years, isn't it folks?
It's the ones at the end! It's
The bricks that I sold
The voices I rolled
The concrete roads
Accept me as I come into your presence

[Chorus x2]

What's it all about?
Sittin in
I'm thinkin' about makin' to the 12th
Semester went by, by 5th grade I'm strugglin'
My mind was on bitches and smoke I'm not functioning
On what I need
the day it happened
Aw, you the shit Dave, you be killin' everything you did
Got the whole world talkin' all about what you did
Got your old girl talkin'
Yo I'mma go for mine (so son, go for yours)

[El Sha]
My crew be in the mix, like name brand kicks
The kids that only deal wit that type of nonsense
to give
My situation's getting major by the second
That fool that shot his whole school up
Just turned eleven (Whaaa?)
And ain't no body even thinkin' bout
It cannot be it cannot be that you're not really here
You're not really here

Chorus: 2x
I reminice about back in the days carnal
We use to kick it