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know my name
I will pay the price
Any price
Just give me the fame

Yeah yeah yeah
The universe listened

Perfect song
My love is wrong
So I ate
I cannot trace

Eu vejo mais ao longe
Pessoas sem fome
Com paces sangrando
Na vereda Florida

And the church bell dongs
A remarkable song
It's a promise that you cannot break
Was your life worth dying for?
The universe survives on give and take
Decay is the only law

Swan song
of heaven are singing this song
Just souls in the corner of our universe
It seems that it's all we are

A drop in the ocean we're sailing upon
The angels
My heart greeds for frozen stars
Deep black universe upon me
I'm enchanted by this warm light
Yet nothing can melt my cold soul

The lakes, my
the days, but let's just say five
Years, coming of age, it make you blow by your day job
So cry for me, wild for me
It's a horror story, eyes 20/20s that
All across the universe
Every boy and every girl
Is looking for this thing called love
So why do all the other guys
Got pretty women by their side
All across the universe
Every boy and every girl
Is looking for this thing called love
So why do all the other guys
Got pretty women by their side
take to get to the center of your universe? [4X]
(let thy moon arise while I close my eyes...)

Finally finalize the line by line of tryin to climb in
Recorded by Gene Vincent on Capitol Records 1958
 Song written in 1957 by Bob Kelly BMI

I've got a bone to pick with this
Wyclef on guitar.. with the Black Eyed Peas
Here go the rap song, they wanna sing it to y'all

She like a rap song (she like a rap song)
She like
scarlet songs
And when the time is right
I shall forever walk alone

The beauty in twisted darkness
Raped by the light of Christ
Worlds end, through
U overwhelmed my heart 
I'm amazed by who you are 

The universe is at our feet 
And angels bow when you speak 
So high above our greatest
the ground where nothing is sown
And plant the seeds of love to grow

Cultivate the change you seek
Love is not a song sung by the weak

When in the trap
Now these doors don't open  til after dark 
And it ain't til twelve 'til the party really starts 
(Yo  me and my crew had to be in by ten 
There's a photo of a genius
Standing by the ocean
With a peacock and a cool hat
In 1943
On a beach in Santa Barbara
He's looking quite contented
About the future and how the universe ran
Oh, the man killed the tortoise, took his shell
And with a song on his lips walked off again

So let's walk off
It's painful to realize 
I've been on the back, I've been hypnotized a while 
Troubled by the stack of un-traveled miles 
I found out too little.
Listen to me and I'll sing you a song
And the time will go by 
Till you never know where it's gone.
Talk to me and I'll tell you my life story.
and dad
So I was out on the grind
On the 279
Trying to show my songs to the world
Inspired by the streets
Fell in love with the beats
I never had time
Feeling alone in the universe
I was up all night

When morning comes
I will tell you (I will tell you)
It's life I have to chase
With every song that
Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait
The earth began to cool, the autotrophs
around up constant companion, our resentment, fear and sadness
The lack of laughter turns to cancer, this song is dedicated to her

The worst
And a song 

We are the innocent 
We are the damned 
We were caught in the middle of the madness 
Hunted by the lion and the lamb oh, oh
There is this silence in the Badlands
And over Kansas the whole universe was stilled
By the whisper of a prayer
The whisper of a prayer