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And save us by morning light
Only the horses
Can bring us back home

We can’t escape the basic facts
How cold it can get
There’s nothing
And said these words again 
Somewhere down the line 
You get yours and I get mine 
We can't give up I know we'll find that it's 
Somewhere down the line
about not comin' back
Hoppin' on a train and we'll burn up the tracks
We'll jump off somewhere that we don't know how to say
Maybe hitch a ride from
'There's a place for us, somewhere a time and a place.' 

So here we are together
Just you and me
Sitting side by side
Don't know why
With time
I put my feet deep in the tracks that you made 
Walked behind you off into the wood 
We'll know where when we get there' you said 
And we both
As they cleaned up after me If only we could cross the river But something is holding us back A way of life thatÂ's too familiar Like the lines are
I'm right here
And you're right there
And God knows we've got to start somewhere
'Cause I'm messed up
And you're broken
And those shots we fired
that it just wasn't meant
But how would we know if the time wasn't spent?
If only we could live where the sun doesn't set
Somewhere it's always light
Hpnotiq to get you erotic 
And then I take you somewhere exotic 
Where we can blow chronic 
A full clip for a lil drama 
You know I ain't a hoe 
on the bullet make you feel special, ha
What the fuck you boys talking about?
I know its us cause we the only thing you talk about

No one on the corner have
Go and take a sister by her hand 
Lead her far from this foreign land 
Somewhere where we might laugh again 
We are leaving 
You don't need us
on a bullet, make you feel special
Ha! What the fuck you boys talkin' 'bout?
I know it's us 'cause we the only thing to talk about

No one on the corner have
And maybe we'll find something precious.
Yeah, 'cause you can't judge a book by it's cover.
Only time it's gonna show; only time will let us
special, ha
What the f*** you boys talking about?
I know its us cause we the only thing you talk about

No one on the corner have swagger like us
comes a point in every fight
Where giving up seems like the only way
When everyone has said goodbye
And now you're on your own

If you need somewhere
we'll be flyin'
My world's a chain of one-night-stands
Strung together by the center line
I don't know where I'll wake up tomorrow,
But I can't let
Chocolate or Vanilla
Or ya somewhere in between
Like cappuccino, mocha, or a caramel queen
Rejected by the black, not accepted by the white world
And this
turned its back to me
My distinct conviction of keeping
Eternal sources piled somewhere familiar
Was compromised and tangled in knots
For all I know we
We work through the rituals and cover our poisonous tracks
Making good use of weaknesses, horoscopes, rumors and facts
Inspired by the needles
And do it's greatest kindness
Always to remind us
That it's our only time inside
This body and this mind

And somewhere in my mind
Behind closed
Though everyone tried to ignore us
We'd scared them all off by the chorus
There you stood looking proud
What was left of the crowd at our show
And I
sailin' the seven seas
¡®cause here and now when lightning strikes
And it drives us to our knees
Only then do we realize
What we don't always see

That even
Sail away where the wind blows sweet and young birds fly
Take a sister by her hand
Lead her far from this barren land
Horror grips us as we watch you
all fall like empires
Into the ocean
Like an ancient language
We both used to know,
Only you and I used to know
It's no longer spoken

Now it
Struck brightly by the winter
When the snow falls thick and silent
I can only hear you breathing

I will follow a set of deep tracks
Other people all

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