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that it just wasn't meant
But how would we know if the time wasn't spent?
If only we could live where the sun doesn't set
Somewhere it's always light
the girl with the bouncy hair 
We'd ride off in a brand new car 
Or fly a plane somewhere 
Like probably Jamaica 

I brush my teeth, shampoo my hair,
Hpnotiq to get you erotic 
And then I take you somewhere exotic 
Where we can blow chronic 
A full clip for a lil drama 
You know I ain't a hoe 
And we can discuss statements that's made on this tape
And its whole origin of the music that we all know and love
The music that we all enjoy the music
And we can discuss statements that's made on this tape
And its whole origin of the music that we all know and love
The music that we all enjoy the music
Wicked one. 
Caught your curse. 
Cut out your tongue.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

One by one we let 'em burn off with the sun
Can only hope they're somewhere
origin of the music that we all know and love
The music that we all enjoy the music you all accuse me of trying to destroy
Let's rewind it to '89 when I
stopped waiting by the door
But I still love him to the core
I only wish that he could do the same

But oh this 'ain't the first time that I've been
Of course I love it
You know
The proof is solid
Becomes a habit
You think about it

I won't fall asleep
Without you near by
recording started, this song was among those that were veterans by that time, and, in fact, we even recorded a rough demo for 'Complain'. One of the notable
we started
Deploy, shove off to troubled waters
By the board or off the shore, bring only what’s for barter
Time slows, back home is by the minutes
Lurking in the back like a crook in the black of the bushes
With the rats, with a axe, and the stacks of wood is
By the garage, the Mirage tracks
"kid, we found your name on a envelope at 
The bottom of a half a ton of garbage and I just wanted to know if you had 
Any information about it"
want your sex, here take your fast food
"Tim you're dead wrong, Tim you're dead rude!"

Hey girl, I don't even know you
"Timbaland we're your first
See, hell, we're live men, broke as fuck, no lyin
So what's up? I make a whole city get em up
And I know white folks is racist, cousin, I don't really
those that don't know
school's in

who got the nerve ta
write a jam that you can swerve ta
over tracks so fat, the nickname, Big Bertha
It's probably
Catch a 100 in your cap, your brain be by your waistline
LV on this track, hell of a bass line

Remind me of the times I was servin' them base lines
we worked real hard to make it def and it was fun
And made it suitable to be ripped by - The One

[Verse Three]
The One - has the mentality
try to aprehend him, just call Tha Liks 

And if you suddenly got some rhymes missin, you know who did it 

Captain Hook, yeah we gon catch his ass
and found all that beauty to be still.
Every breath as in sorrow, reap the promised end to this path, by every image that we borrow, every harvest depends
like they graffed it with me
Family members only holla when they askin' for P
I know they wonder how I kill these tracks
It's the middle
remain puzzled 
Attacked by the weight of the bass 
In yo' chest  
Eightball  MJG  MC Ren  
'Cause we's the most 
My real ass lizards
bunk persona to light (I might)
Build anti-malignant railroads, find you, and lay tracks adjacent
Just to scream "fuck off" as the engine pulls out
when you're laying on back
Felt the love when I wrote this
So I know y'all feel what I'm saying on tracks

[Chorus] - repeat 3X

The first step
Uh, yeah, yeah, on dis one right here
We goin' to lock down the whole world wit dis
You know what I'm sayin'

Come on, come on, come on, come on,

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