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Bass Tribute

(T.M.) U gotta have something on the bottom if U want to have a
(Will) Gotta have a strong foundation if U gonna make a stand
Yeah right well all you gotta do
Is what inspired you to sing

Well my daddy he taught me everything I know
My little brother Ray J.
thought by now she'd have a man
Two car seats and a minivan
She says something's got,
Something's got,
Something's got

Something's gotta give me
one funny mothafucka
A true comedian, you gotta love him, you gotta trust him
I might be buggin', infomercials and no sleep
Introverted by my
on a short trip
Traveling lightly
Traveling by spaceship

He came from a planet
Three thousand miles away

Can you give someone
Somewhere to stay?
I gotta warn
a line that she won't cross
Her and time are facing off
She says something's gotta give

Something's gotta give me butterflies
Kathy Ray, 
She'd been given her name by a certain gentlemen way
Back in the day, 
When she did her auditioning to be one of Ray Charles' girls.
on each other
They gotta try harder babe
I got stad right by you
And you gotta stand right by me

Babe I can do much, I won't give up that easy
Something's gotta give

Something's gotta give
Nations rise and fall,
Dentist appointments forgotten by great and small 
Mighty or humble,
Wise man
back a Queen bitch
Think BIG and Kim, not think bigger than them
Everybody wanna shine, gotta give these niggas a gym
Never stressed of lil' things,
on 'em in Ray Bans in a gray van with a spray tan
It's a wrap like an Ace bandage
Don't-give-a-fuck persona
To my last DNA strand, E&J in the waistband
And leave my heart away



[Verse Three:]
You give me the strength
To do many things
Stand by you
And you, give me
a line that she won't cross
Her and time are facing off
She says something's gotta give

Something's gotta give me butterflies
me again, till my funeral

[Chorus - Anthony Hamilton]
For so long I been grindin (grindin)
Paid my dues, put my time in (time in)
Even went down
need a little bit of medicine.
Oh no, strap on my sneakers.
You don't need to play,
Watch from the bleachers.
Ice so shiny, it gives you seizures.
Focus my eyes, I'll get in your mind,
Sleepy now I'll do no harm in any kind
Truth can ease it, what you can't deny,
Everyone is hiding something
smiles down from up above 
The money rolls in and they fall in love
From the outside looking in it's a dream come true
But as time goes by something
One on one and it's just begun 
To get out the ghetto and get something done
To be the man you gotta beat the man
Don't confuse me with being dumb
Written by Ray Hedges / Niqel Butler/ Hear'Say

Do you wanna get to know me
I got nothing to hide
That look in your eyes
Keeps on telling my I'm
on the beach

There's no pain or sorrow, down by the coral and Susan and Brownie and me
And we'll fish by the reef, for some snappers to eat, as we race the ray
won't you leave me a ray.

I gotta move
Put on my traveling shoes
Somebody's calling me now
They say I'm wandering by
Shoot right up with a sigh, yeh.
Every sailor's son
Is taught when they are young
That the pull of the moon lingers on
Something we can't escape
From Bimini 'round the cape
view in the world,
Spendin' my days catchin' these rays,
Watchin' coconut covered girls

They keep strollin' by,
And they keep rollin' in,
Like the waves
ain't got sweated by one crip
It's my lucky day, and even if it wasn't
A nigga still wouldn't give a fuck today
Don't pull it if you ain't gonna blast
keep moving, gotta keep fighting
? stop living, so so righteous
And there's something in your swagger
Something in your style
And you,
You give me

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