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Ministry live at the Ritz
It was Christ has risen to Chris
Three loaves, two fish
Miracle of mechanized loops on two-inch
Coming to a theater he would be
jewelry shooting virals
Never wheeling them cars, just standing by them
Not really knowing them broads, just standing by them
No first class tickets, you
Shaquille, Chris Webber, Cedric Ceballos
Talent's around the world Phoenix to Providence
No need to educate Chicago they already got Common
[Syke talking]
Yeah, this goes out,
To all my little shorties, my nephews,
My lil homeboy's kids
My big homeboy's kids,
And uh, my neutral son Chris
want to ball yeah and you just want to fall yeah
I pick up my phone what the heck
Coming at my neck
Tripping via text disrespect
I don't fuck with
Worms go in, worms go out
Bugs coming out her mouth

Chop 'em up, chop 'em up, chop 'em up, chop 'em up
Cut 'em up, cut 'em up, cut 'em up, cut 'em
know about my life so check this out; this is called My Own Hell
Produced by Don Juan

[Intro 2]
Nigga, my life is straight conflict
When all I want
Chris fixing the whips and Kenny making it happen
The boat going down with the captain
Lead by example they really watching your actions