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Sometimes life it takes you by the hand
It puts you down before you know it
It's gone and you're dead again
I've been in places and I won't
don't wanna hear
The real world passing by
Saying that we're crazy

We spend all our time lying side by side
Going nowhere, it's really something
easily deceived
The lie that you believe
Poison in your veins

You follow my advice
And feed my appetite
What you leave behind
I will claim as mine
friend? Two snakes of poison Got bit by both In the end

When judged by past Not present it's all Just talking When judged by past It's forgotten that
Something brings me to my knees

There's a slow poison inside of me
A slow poison, killing me by degrees
It's a strong potion, love
It looked like the perfect day
In photos we were smiling
But something was wrong in you, oh

Inside you were suffering
Lungs were barely moving
It's you're world premier tonight
Can?t wait to see you
Double exposure under candle light
Wear something see through
See girl what we did last night
something about your body
Naw it ain't all I think about 
Well to be honest, oh

I'm startin' to believe,
Something's wrong wit me, 
'Cause everyday,
fought niggaz in the industry and kept it cool
You ain't see me running my mouth in no interviews
And you fools on them DVD's waving tools
No that ain't
could do with some more poison 
We could do with some more poison 
We could do with some more poison 
We could do with some more poison 

Blinded by
the scripture on the subway wall
He wants to be a rebel but he can't find a cause.

He needs something to believe in
He needs something to believe in
All he
are misspelled treason
poison in your trust
poison in our hope

do you recall your first bee sting,
how you learned to feel pain,
are you numb
something to believe in

I'm always running or I'm coming
For somebody else
There's always somebody with me
But I'm still by myself
I tell you over
Yes, I believe in, I believe in

When I poison my system, I take thoughts and twist them into shapes
I'm reachin' my nadir and I haven't an idea
white died for black.

Do you reall believe?

The poison schools, the prison pools is where you send your youth to break the rules.

Education's been
And a sparkle lid your eyes
They shine so flawless I'm amazed
Blinded by an angel's face
It's the sweetest poison in one kiss
And now you got the venom in your
the sea of faces with their hearts on their sleeve; they stare and do nothing for all my screams. You liar! You fake! You spit poison in my face. You liar!
and the beers

I need something to believe in
Something to look forward to
Something to believe in
Cause I got a bad case of the blues
Something to believe
me to believe that the streets are paved in gold
Storming ??? west, then the cold hits
Then I come to find that the streets aren't paved at all
(Miracles gone wrong)
Is it too late to call and tell you to be strong?
Are you alive?
(Miracles gone wrong)
Was the poison in our
I can't breath, I can't eat
I hallucinate in my sleep
I get a fever whenever you're near
Oh God it's suddenly clear

Ooh struck down by
reality is feed by lies
You got your money
You got your cash
Feed your honey upon your trash
You got your fist
Your fist in the fire
You got your fist
Wake up America, I got a problem
Something you may not believe
There is poison in the darkness
Spreading like a bad disease
I never thought I'd
poison and sweet
But love doesn't come cheap
Talk is nothing to me
Take a bullet for me
Maybe then I'll believe

Righteous, you claim to be
Put your
to fight the poison that is killing me
It?s like I'm falling fast head over feet, is anybody listening?

I wanna believe
I wanna believe in love again