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is nothing, nothing, nothing like they say
You gotta pick up the little pieces everyday

You were telling me the friends we have in common
you'd care
Cut my arms and bind your legs
(Fluffed) up in her (hair)

If you're wondering why
Look into my eyes
If you can understand
Take me by the ___
around see the poison killing people by the score

You've got into something that's leading you nowhere, cut it loose
Yeah, yeah, cut it loose, turn it

'Cause something happens when you look into my eyes
Something happens, something happens
There's no mistaking and it cannot be denied
onto something
Once thought unattainable
The course was never charted
So don't look into the books
The secret's not the recipe
It's got to be
Changes are happening
It's too late to turn back
What'cha had in mind
Turning into something
Of another kind

Changes are happening
All over
there waiting
Waiting for something
Anything at all
Nothing at all
Not at all.

*written by Bob Geldof
What would heal these holes
Marks left by the feeding needle
Tonight the bullets turn into keys
And we escape

This was the day of losing control
Something to prevent nothing

Little bird in white worlds
Singing nothing to hear
Without heed of the heart
Cut by the swords of heaven
Once upon a time there was an ocean
But now it's a mountain range
Something unstoppable set into motion
Nothing is different, but everything's
It was the middle of the night
When she found something
On her mind
Pointless to fight, there was
Nothing to be done about the
Persistent nature
And the band plays
Walking to the light all of a sudden
And the band plays
Always making something out of nothing
Turn your heartache into loving
pleases me
Took me by surprise
I never saw the light
Until you turned it on
You got me into something
God knows I'm hitting on life
And I wonder why
We could go down to the lake
Throw off our shoes
Jump into the water like there's nothing to lose
Sky don't get no bluer, love don't get no truer
No truth, no lie
No truth, no lie
No truth, no lie

It twists and turns
Into something that is not to be
What truth is left
Was abandoned
would sing
And the trees would call her
Name as she walked by
Love was grand until that magic day
She turned me into nothing

Let's talk
I want nothing more than this
All my life I've been waiting

I want something more than this
All this time I've been waiting

Into my eyes, another
to re-animate something that you can't understand

And they're helpless and forgetting in the background saying nothing
And he's youthless and forgetting with
terrified by nothing but winters
Is there no mercy in my mistakes
When you lift me up when my feet have been dragging
Into the march of some fools parade
The girl in the other room
She knows by now
There's something ain't know other fears
Now she wears this thread bare
She sits on the floor
flight to nothing
Heaven's up to something
Heaven's up to something
Levy's up to something
Levy's up to something

Death poems for the living gods
from London Town
Nothing left to keep us down
We are not responsible

Someone pays and someone falls
We slide into the night
Silhouettes in a cold
There's something about lighting up a Marlboro Red
That nicotine rush into my head
And a taste of Southern Comfort on my lips
Tells me I ain't ready
Watch the sun roll by with nothing in my head
And I know
They'll say
Something to be said for curiosity
And I know
I'll say
I'll save my west coast
hasn't sunk in

Are the words real
That come into my head
On a morning walk? 
Do the shadows
Play tricks with my mind? 

For it feels like