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a different kind of world?
I was swimming in Bali when I got swallowed
By something hollow
We were going down to a different kind of world

Where they talk like

Different people  different worlds
You just call me  and I'll be there for you
We belong together you know it's true
Cause there's something
of trying
Because I'm sick of hearing it 

So sick, ok, listening to it
Everybody tells me something different,
Something different every time
I'll make
In the middle of our chores
Oh I can't help but wonder 
If we could find something more

In a different light
If you could see me
In a different light
(Words by Daryl Hall & John Oates
Music by Daryl Hall)

You and I have separate lives girl
You and I go different ways on roads that cross
When love
And I saw it through its empty
That something isn't right
And there is a different kind of lonesome
And there is a different kind of lonesome
Once upon a time there was an ocean
But now it's a mountain range
Something unstoppable set into motion
Nothing is different, but everything's
a picture
It's a different view
Out of my window, something so good is
Something that you hold on to

I'll never, never let a chance go by
So many
Baby, come out
I need you in the street
At the place by the old far station
We'll get something to eat
Like we talked about
Baby, come down,
People rushin' everywhere
If they'd only slow down once
They might find something there
Green trees and timber land
People workin' with their
Long ago and far away in a different age
When I was a dumb young guy
Fossilized photos of my life then
Illustrate what an easy prey I must have
steal something I do not want to give
Fortunes told by cards
You come first then me
A dream faded away
You and me
Two sides of a mirror
Two different ways
There's girls at the office
The guys always notice, when they walk by
But, you're not the type
They don't know what I know
How somethings just don't show
about your boyfriend, talk about your wife
It's just a different way of living your life

When something's right, then something is worth to die for
hours on end
About a life I could never believe in
Betrayed by what you would say
It comes around again
I pay no mind for something I just cannot hide
To think somethin' different's coming down that track
Nothing's coming cross those tracks
Am I insane to think something different's coming cross
These day are long and
The years fly by
Dazed and forgotten
I held on to your heart
This was never my vision
Things were supposed to be different
Don't tell me 
What it's like to love someone.
A different song for a different girl.
And to think I might be wrong.

Tell tale heart again.
nights I'm woken up by
Something stirring in my chest

It's a feeling I've no name for
It's hard to catch my breath

I'm staring down the great big
things will be different

There's nothing simple when it comes to you and I
Always something in this everchanging life
And it probably always will
Now that
Fight, something's different
Hate, something's different
Fight, something's different
Hate, something's gotta change

I guess hate is dead
you're used to
You never knew any different
There's something else if you listen

Who do you love?

So tell me how were you feeling?
I saw you while I was
Bay area
You are now rockin
With big von and 50 cent
Roll something smoke somethin nigga uh yea
I fall off
Something beautiful
Happens this time of the year
Knowing that Christmas will soon be here

Making an angel on new fallen snow
a different light
Your hair falling down
With love in your eyes
In my mind, you're a beautiful sight
I see you in a different light
Just the way I saw you,

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