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you can suck my dick with Amy Winehouse's teeth
Then I shove 'em in the elevator, take 'em to the top
Stand above 'em,just to cut the fucking cable, let
came from
Some of these faggots used to send me their demos
I'm keeping their puppy styles in the Company Flow kennels
But since they had no identity
on the side or in back of me
Nastily, as if his name was Dick Dastardly
Original so get it yo the Gang gets respect
The chain and the star is a symbol, of this
I was living on the hill
By the water tower and hiking trails
And when the big one hit I’d have a seat
To watch masters abandon their dogs
bigger holes than hollow tips
Watch another rapper body get stiff
Just like in church, we pass the basket
as I preach over his casket
Fuck it, kick
left out in the rain
With nothing to gain but teardrop stains
Being haunted by a memory as I think back
The things we used to do and how we used
Are we ever gonna feel the same?

Standing in the light till it's over, out of our minds
Someone had to draw a line
We'll be coming back for you one