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fiend it, baby no way, chill, clever mean it
Gotta be careful, be told, commercial ever seen it
Want a few, I wrote, some ask my cheatin do I know
next to Bill Clinton mother cuz she fuck wit the Chinese
They hit niggas wit heron, there's 14 of us
Beamers, won't stop pitchin' the Chevron
It's packed
to do the best I could
Sometimes I guess my best ain't good... enough
Cause when it's over, said shit done
You sittin by yourself mixed up
But I tried, I
Whateva, go crew for crew, blow for blow
Bang your headpiece and sniff the snow off your hoe
I keep it rollin

Ask yourself man
How ugly do you have
the fuck you talkin about?)
Muthafuckas is dead, son!
(Yo yo, calm down nigga, calm down!)
Word to fuckin mother man!
(Just tell me what happened, god.)
by the way you gave me your baby 
Then left a day before I ever saw the son that God made me 
It's hard maybe we can make amends, be friends 
[ Professor X ]
Check me
The Eternal Son
Of the Universal Father
Travelling the Infinite Spirit
The quest: Paradise
But some things are
thought it was a game 
Now I've got the blame 
Because my nigga had no shame 
Bullets have no heart 
When it penetrates your brain 
And it takes
gotta put it in photosynthesis or somethin', son?
Shed some light on Day?
'Til he's cropped out
No not now, I won't need a plant to defeat you
The sequel,

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