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Soft pedals, we stay stoned,
I been drinking heavy since the beat done gone
Nightmares and marigolds
I been sleeping better since the beat done gone
arm is so soft as pedal
And, I'm gonna need them

Your so lovely, I love you so oh oh
Woman stay by me, and don't let go, oh oh oh
Your so lovely,
as soft as the pedal on a long stem rose
I am love

So take me down the road
Take me to the show
It's something to believe in
That no one else knows
Nobody move nobody get hurt or gets hawed off
Like Jadakiss, "Kiss Tha Game Goodbye", these niggas is soft
Pedal to the metal matchin doin about a 100
The fight'll begin then
These niggas is rose pedal soft
This ten grand to rock with me
Him stand like he ought to be tin man
The gorillas'll