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And so we shake, bob and weave
Tryin to get some room to breathe

Room to breathe!
Try to get some room to breathe
Room to breathe!
All we want is
butter to the jam, so jam
Start in the PM, and end in the AM
I spit Stride flows, getting hit by the ram
I patrol control, so a fucking controller
of introspection so quiet it can deafen you
Yet breathe breath into the singed lungs of the most temper thug

Tears of bull get dismembered and drug through
attacked Pearl Harbor) a date which will live in infamy."

"This is Bob 'Command performance' Hope telling each Nazi that's in Russia today that, "Crimea
Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine

Now I roll up torpedoes, get blunted with Rastas
For a hefty fee, I'm on your record like Bob Costas
I own so many
hard to breathe
Ya whole camp's under siege, and I'm Jason Vorhees
In the heat of the night
Is when I defeat and ignite Mic's
My verbal snipe, your
up, and now the shit's gettin tighter
Huh, I find it hard to breathe, bassline strummin
Money it's gettin hot but the lyrics keep - comin
Feel like I'm