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off your shoulders

(Project Pat)
Mister murderer robbers
Niggas with some charges
You fake mothafuckas
We gonna finish what you started
Yo heart is
they call it music but it seems more like a lie artificial life in the marketplace epic ballads by the musical whores life is so boring project theirs
will be in stores now 
or in stores right after this or sometime close around this
Go get the project pat album that's in stores right now
Cooked by
Now youse a killa
So pull the trigger so
We can let the dice roll
Dem hollow tips in yo' shit'll leave a nice hole
It's Project Pat on the track
We got my girl La Chat, Gangsta Boo, Crunchy muthafuckin' Black
Playboy Juice, Project muthafuckin' Pat, Lord Imfamous, and me
DJ muthafuckin' Paul,
album "the key"
Why'knahmsayin? (the keyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)
And we got project pat, "walkin bank roll" new album (walkin bank roll)

Lil' wyte, "one
[Project Pat] (talkin)
Hello, hello, hello?

[Boogelou] (talkin)
Pat, what's up man, what's up?

[Project Pat] (talkin)
Boogelou, what's up man?
62 in 1959
-Words and Music by J. Leslie McFarland and Aaron H. Schroeder

They did the Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango
They did the Wang Dang
We hear em talking dine
But we still
On the grind
Crawlin' slow
Tippin' dine
But we do it for h-town
We back up on the rise
Feeling good
COINTEL, going down
Projects, pop offs, issues, payback
Sickness, lockdown, get it
Free Mumia and H. Rap Brown

Before you get what you want, gotta give
see your gold shine
Let me see your gold shine
Let me see your gold shine
Let me see your gold shine
Let me see your gold shine

(Project Pat
Yeah it's Project Pat up in this thang
Representin' "Layin' the Smackdown", "North North"
Three 6 Mafia fin' a rip it like it's supposed to be flip
see your gold shine
Let me see your gold shine
Let me see your gold shine
Let me see your gold shine
Let me see your gold shine

(Project Pat
red Rum! (x4)

[Project Pat]
A .44 bullet shell took my niggas life
Triggers pulled by some young niggas on that white
He used to fuck with them boys
to what, claim
A big old pimp, by the name of P-A-T
Living in luxury, doing it like a O.G
Everyday, all day
I'm starched down, piece on my neck I don't
[Chorus - Project Pat]
In the hood stackin funds
Got me feelin real pimpish
Purple kush in my lungs
Got me feelin real pimpish
Got carrots in
got da ghost of Jeffrey Dona with me


Suckas wanna see me fall fall like a ton of bricks
It'll never happen dog Project Pat'll play it
destruction this violence
My projects I'm a rep to the fullness
You know it (yeah, you know, understand this)
I'm always gon' be infamous (it's over, it's
'Cause Screwed Up Click acting bad

You might see me in the benzo
Sitting on Lorenzos, blowing on some endo
It's five o'clock so I'ma drop my top, and let
French braids, call me Project Pat
With the stocking cap, Jason mask on, probly strapped
It’s the Rocky cap, turn my swag on, holla back
Throw a dollar
I got them rocks to get you high but you twenty short
A newport is all I can give ya' player
So push on project pat ain't no perpetrater
Supreme comes to give his boy a pat and a pound, put his hoodie on the couch, his Timberlands up on the chair so his bitch can bring him a beer. So, this is
the slave master 
So the people didn't go on the boat, you know what I'm sayin'? 
be	-L-A-see-K-H-O-L-E 
(Shit, smoke, can a black man get some paper up in
So we can ride around town like Tina and Ike
I'ma shine till I die nigga
We worldwide everybody know Ca$h Money ride or die nigga

[Manny Fresh]
So relax pal, pat down, gat down, back down, blackout
With a fat smile, I might react foul, so don't make this cat growl
I caught everybody when I