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Girl it's time to get on the show
Sometimes love is a river of tears so pick up the oars and row
It's been far too long now
Since I've seen your
over the side
Trailing my fingertips
Feeling the water slip
Into the quiet night

Viewed from the wrong end of a telescope
I see myself, so far
to a place
A land that's not so far away 

The boat above our heads for the walk to the shore
As feelings of dread soak the length of the oar
Standing by a riverside 
A river so deep and so wide 
Current's too strong for only one man 
I know because I tried 

I got eight oars - 
of wealth,"
Said the next
"So your work's not meaningless
And I am loved by most."
"Want of none,"
Said the third
As her sisters' faces turned
And they
can make 
On a lake in the park 

It's an ocean of devotion 
A floating dream for two . . . 

Oh, I keep hopin' that 
The oars will stray 
So we could
When a storm
Blows the sea
In the wind
You’ll wait for me
And we'll meet
By the quay
Sad and sweet
And fair and free
So I go
And it blows
of music
Oh the end won't be long
Because if it's gone for you then I too may lose it
And that would be wrong

You know I've tried so hard to keep
Floating over
High up above
So far, so good
Twenty thousand
Leagues down below
So far, so good

Day by day, calling out
Calling out to you
Aboard a craft bereft of oar
I rowed upstream to find Lenore
Abducted by a bandit or
A king from some forgotten war

And mindful of his larval
calling me
Orange coats are left ashore
With our shoes and an extra oar
Caught a chill from the harbor breeze
We got in trouble when we rowed in
So I put
And take a deep breath 
Just we two 

And we'll be so far gone 
The oars will row on 
And we will happily wave
So long

If we hook a dream 
And it
Standing firm fight 'til death
They refuse to die like cattle

Fighting for his life
No holds barred
So close to revenge
Close but yet so far
Watching as it flies by (Spy the unknown)
Focus on the quiet oars
Tell me how far you'd go (Go where you like)
Knowing your air won't last (Last one to know)
It's the second September I have known you.  Four years or so ago, called hime "truth."  We didnt' know the way so it took us til today to get there.
being pulled 
Across the sands they move so softly
Slip into water
Oars dip, don't break the moon's reflection
And drift like a cloud
To the center
southern breeze our sail to fill
The dusk is here and our bay is far
The Dragon soon to sweep the night
So work these oars an Sorsemen : brother's row
There must be people who are gettin' what they want 
I let my oars fall into the water 
Good for them 
Good for them 
Gettin' what they
This song was first released on the John Denver Album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Life is so good
Life is so good these days
at the oars
   G#7              C#m
Or staring from the rail
        E -A         B7
And the sea bids farewell
She waves in swells
beat beat

Look at the wild deer
Tumbling out from the wood to drink by the shore
I count twenty-seven or more
Sun rises up from out oars

were far too bold
So, round her neck
He tied a yellow ribbon
He tied a yellow ribbon
'Cause it matched her hair of gold

Hair of gold, hair of gold
at the oars
   G#7              C#m
Or staring from the rail
        E -A         B7
And the sea bids farewell
She waves in swells
Once I tried to row
'Cause you know I hate to fly
so I set out from the coast
But got battered by the tide
As I glided back to shore
I raised
swallowed by the waves
Rocks and mountains break
Dead men on the path to Hell
And Yggdrasil quakes

From the east comes a ship
Loki holds the oar