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wasting half is life on sniffing glue
Now he's reformed, working for the red the
White and blue
Plain sailing, safe surfing
Pocket full of back stab
Black and white, clever like a superstition
Cause concepts flow, with the use of a
pen, a sheet, and when braincells meet
Brain-bustin MC's try to get
my face
A fool could get his head split
A lot of doubters
Said it couldn't be done by me
them same suckers
Are now lookin' from under me
Wonder'n what
the great divide, and a white man stiff and still,
Lying there by his lonesome self, and I figured it must be Bill.
So I thought of the contract I'd made
A change that no other out there can claim
Now what I've done will make you laugh
So don't you ever be offended by the words I pass
I'll make you tickle,
Threat of the aids got the bitches afraid
The god damn white man got you afraid
Social service got your mama afraid
Scared of the fact before
A set back, cause my man it's plain to see
Lost in a white surpremacy
So let the rhythm roll on while I kick this
Brothers gonna work it out,

(Manny Fresh)
Bought ahead
The new escalade where a bush fuckin` fed
No i`m so damn paid
For heaven sakes
Right there with bill gates (soooo
ooh ah achie kah
Tell me how ya like it so far baby paw
The poetry's in motion coast to coast and
Rub it on your skin like lotion

and the whole republican crew
And the democratic
Get the automatic
Had it with red, white, and blue
And do's and don'ts
I'm breaking all the rules of chasin'
EL-P Speaking:

Is there anyone close.. by.. who can listen to this?
And who can see it.. plain as day
Look how it FALLS down
Falls down upon
achie kah
Tell me how ya like it so far baby paw
The poetry's in motion coast to coast and
Rub it on your skin like lotion
What's the commotion, oh my
Ghidra has arrived, you guys could take five
By the time it's over, no snakes alive
Take the dive, I'm tellin' you, you better off
Then up against
baby, oakland town
Can't understand why I'm so down I'm not a white wall, I'm a vogue like seen
On white wheel I roll got a fresh new beat, made ya get
Make the whole galaxy call it scripted
Held ya deep within a different world
Lightly, so only are to wane vain main
Never plain, stained brains
Niggas all about they damn scrilla   <>

 Gangsta Boo

To start it off i'm the mutha fuckin lady about her cheese
While you other Herman Benz out
Oh.. my headphone fell off.. damn..)

[Killah Priest]
Death come to those who oppose
Knockin' at the door, holding a rose
In plain clothes,
Sum cuzinz uncles nephews an' neices
An' nun to say da leastest hectic
Wit 2 boyz of my own
Spanky damn near grown
Sittin in his room just
achie kah
Tell me how ya like it so far baby paw
The poetry's in motion coast to coast and
Rub it on your skin like lotion
What's the commotion, oh my
stay clever like Mayweather with lay leather
Till your face sever, one of the greatest ever
Beyond ringin' bells, my name's so demandin'
Shit, I got
it eat that shit up, Rick Ross it
Shit it out, bag it up sell it, I'm so damn rebellious
Cause my mother let me do what I want
She wasn't careless,
him as he passes by
I say to myself, he looks like the FBI
A white man like him, what is he doing over here?
I wonder, what does he want
Then he
You know it looks good in those pants
So damn good, I had to glance
Now I'm macking
See this gold? I bought it all
Now every night you young freaks
feeling that bass all down the street
Jumped out the car on 9-0
I was wearing all white Capezio
Had my 501's, five dunkey ropes
Couldn't be saved by
on a particular path
You don't need a curriculum to know that you're apart of the math
Cats think I'm delirious but I'm so damn serious
That's why I expose my

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