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Rhort that snort
Rhort that, rhort that snort
Rhort that Snort
I rhort 'bout a quart
Rhort that snort
No way to abort
It's a sport
The way we rhort
And no more, not thinkin' 'bout all bitches
Don't roll up, just wanna fuck with you
You got all yo mix, you got all yo mix
Just snort it all, I got all
I don't snort, I don't snort
Me tome un buen break
Ando chilling tollgate
You say no to cocaine
I don't snort, I don't snort
I don't snort, I don't
gon' snort her whole damn face off
Cubans on me like I'm Castro
Hit your bitch with a backstroke
Spanish bitch, JLo
Dope money, Pablo
Honey, baby, mine.

You snort 'cain and I'll snort 'cain, honey
You snort 'cain and I'll snort 'cain, babe
You snort 'cain and I'll snort 'cain
waiting to see 
I'll give you something that would set you free 

Drink it, drink it, snort it, smoke it 
Every little thing I love about it 
Drink it,
All she wanna do, Pop pussy, Snort dope
All she wanna do, Lemme fuck it onna flo'
All she wanna do, Stick her money up her nose
All she wanna do, Dance
Say you'll never lie to me
Snort another line with me
Baby won't you die with me
Just tell me that you ride for me
That you ride for me
Say you'll
of you make me smile, girl
So I always keep you on my mind
Wanna see you smile
Wanna hear you laugh
Love it when ya snort
Let me see them teeth
Why not
waking up involves taking drugs
Then you know you're in too deep
Won't open my eyes till I'm snorting some lines
Or I'm fucking still asleep
Snort Snort
I'll snort coke and you snort some coke
Did I say snort coke do you snort coke
Yeah I snort coke
I snort coke
You snort coke
But most of all
We like
I wanna cocaine, cocaine
I slay with cocaine, okay
I snort cocaine, all day
Without cocaine I’m not okay

I grab some cocaine
To keep myself okay
And I been ballin like this overtime
Nothin else on my mind
Put that bitch in overdrive
Like I snort a couple lines
I'm overdosing off the potion
the reaper
That codeine, my anesthesia
Tried to kick but this ain't FIFA
She snort one line, want a sequel
She snort two and want a threesome
She snort
weak as the wind is blowing me
Shoot my shot and hope this life will end up better than the old me
Smoke darts, snort coke, that’s Pdot
Break silence,
have to look to far
I can see from whom you are
Drink this beer don't let it down the drain
You don't even
Snort this live everything's ok
You don't even
the devil we all know the dance

Cause my niggas sippin lean
And my bitch snort drugs yeah
She be on the road everybody that i know
Is just a bit fucked up,
Go mortem, don't mourn him
This dope but don't snort him
Got hoes but don't spoil him
Ghost on em - postmortem
I'm tryna tear down the roof
4 letter words
Every time I say Sorry I'm just making it worse

I think I think I think I done fucked up now
Because I smoke, I snort, I drink, and I
We gonna stomp it, we gonna snort it 
We Don't Give A Fuck!
We gonna lace it, we gonna blaze it 
We Don't Give A Fuck!
We gonna twist it, we gonna
the fuckin' whinin'
Yeah, it's clear can see
Right through you people
I pull up on yo bitch
Smokin' a blunt
Hotboxin' in the Regal
Snort a U24 and pop 2 more
post on her OnlyFans
Piecing out a whole brick only grams
They gone give me every dollar they can
Make a junkie snort it right out my hands
Bet you get
Fill my cup up with Ciroc
Mixed with sprite till I can't talk
Edibles that I will pop
Snort a fat sized molly rock
Throw up in the parking lot
Came in the place with the fire on loose
Trapping with energy u finna lose
she just snort that cokeeee
She just popped two in a row
She be

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