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(This beat is crazy)
(Who the fuck is David)
I don't be sleeping no more 'cause I'm scared of my dreams
I don't be snoozing no more it's a new part
I just be cruising
Niggas be snoozing
Bitches be choosing
That shit confusing
The world is so hateful
That shit is shameful
But I got a plate full
to lose it
They be watching me, clocking my movements
They be plotting on catching me snoozing
Bodies drop all the time, I don't feel nothing
you I had something 
Y'all just kept on snoozing 
Bitch just let me trough
Smokin' all this dope
I'ma hit you in a few 
Not gon' pass you to the crew
Young nigga coming up a lot of niggas sleep, they snoozing
Ain't slowing down for no one, to win this race I gotta keep moving
My flow is getting
never wanna lose them 

I fell asleep I was snoozing 
Thinkin bout all of my loose ends 
Tryina cop up on a new Benz
Like how could I live thru
They be plotting on catching me snoozing
Bodies drop all the time I don't feel nothing
Swear to god y'all gon' make me go kill something
Told my
Kansas City Music, How we do it
When we're ruined, and we're stewing
While y'all snoozing, we just grew a proven movement
We're way up here (Where
Dude wake up
(Iain even sleep bruh)

I'm wide awake
It ain't snoozing for me
I be diamonds, Wise Ban
Ain't no fooling me
Iain gon fall for yo
Up at five
Out till four
Ain't no sleeping no snoozing gone grind to my bank filled with  triple Os
Up at five
Out till four
I'm not stopping not
Snoozing in these cold sections
Residing in these cold trenches
I'm dreaming on a profession
Where there's lavish living no stressing
Where there's
You been snoozing on me, yeah you lost my love yeah
I really really can’t deny I been slipping tryna slide
You could dub me, I don’t mind, I don’t
We be cruising
They be snoozing
Diamonds grooving
We be cruising
Hop up in that wraith
Fly off into space
We all in no breaks
Might make a stop if
grooving ain't no snoozing
Girl I know say you be one of a kind
Break your heart e no go happen lai lai
Shak me well like I take kai kai
We be grooving ain't
I just fuck bitches by twos
She suck on my dick, oh damn we gettin lit wit it
I go so crazy you snoozing, you losin
You know that My nigga can vouch
I’m not letting up on the pressure, make these pussy niggas feel it
Do the race on every track, and burn a hunnid laps in it
Niggas snoozing, have
choosing (choosing)
And if pick em wrong you be losing (losing)
Wake they ass up if they snoozing (snoozing)
What else I gotta do just to prove this
like that you so foolish
You stuck in the past now you losing
You love the way that i be coolin
But back than you was snoozing
See a nigga up an now you
Never out there looking foolish
Bitch I'm cautious
Hell, yea bitch I'm cautious

Man, I'm vibin on them stems
Honestly yeah we the men
YNL be
Im on the roof lookin like Batman
I used to be looting 
Now i be macking
Niggas be snoozing 
Niggas be napping
I really been
me snoozing
Open up then you shoved me
Next day you accusing
Hate me then you love me
Tell me what are you choosing
Wrap me up like a mummy
When the alarmclock plays it's riff next day 
And your mouth tastes like an ashtray 
And your mouth tastes like an ashtray 

And I like snoozing
Stop sleeping my nigga you snoozing today
I'm going though it today
If you fuck with my money your loosing your brain
What is you doing today
If I can make it
Homie you can do it too yeah
I remember walking 
With them holes in my shoes man
Gotta stay grinding
Ain't no time for snoozing

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