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sabertooth, put the mic on
Yeah, so I can get my bite on
Snake charmer, swinging at the python
Atoms fam, but the crimson is ion
When the gods in charge
You know they call my girl the Snake Charmer
Here she comes rising with the yellow dawn
You know I would do nothing to ever harm her
I guess I've
is this snake charmer
Who has her Hanging on his every word
And tangling up the telephone cord?'
Daddy told her off one time,
But at night she'd be
Primed and ready for battle
Lift your veil now formulate
With the sound by yourself

As her words draw you in
Our faith reconnects
And our
marble bridge stretched across the dark waves
To the shore from the moon and by her grace
Came that erudite stranger
That fucker

Come my friend,
Pull me to the grace

She wanna to be the first in her family with a higher education
Her entire graduation was a dire situation
Did a paper
don't like the taste
Buy my ace of spades by the case and I don't have to pay I just use my face

[Chorus x4]

Grass cut, so I see the snakes
hardly a match
For a sword that simple description defies
The boatman stood transfixed by her gaze
Which reached to the depths of his very soul
To he
and hand me down poetry
It's brick white-washed walls widowed by first paint
The tin roof top humming songs of promise while time is
Locked into demonic
Yeah, sup Ro, sup Grace, this your boy Den Den
To jump on this track with you boys, knowI'mtalkingbout
It's all about the third baby, third coast,