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to snail mail her
You got to take pen in hand

Ones and zeros, zeros and ones
She'll have none of that virtual fun
She's a real deal ol' fashioned
looking for praise
And I'm starting to sink in to
Countless days

Snail mail
Phone solicitation
Media and marketing

In my ears and out my
gon' fish tail
Hell yeah I'm YSL 'till I'm dead or pale
Kickin you niggas gettin money slow just like a snail
I tell her the mail is how they send those
the mail , need more mail
Bro shoot the snail , need more shells

My gas got that boom thru the door smell
My shit bang and you know I perform well 
In case
bail an now ain't nothin cracking
Bet back when you was free you thought you had a solid female
But now you can't even get a visit an' gotta beg for mail
foreign, not the Chevelle (not the Chevelle, hah, huh)
Yeah, yeah, I got my drip out the mail (drip out the mail)
This ship ain't going on sale (on sale)
and I'm headed straight to it

Shippin' money by the mail, I just came back with the bales
Now I'm dancin' in the truck, that's how I feel
I'm in
Yeah, trap, cell (Trap), Mac, no Dell (Let's go)
Leave a nigga, stale (Stale), tec, no Kel (Bah!)
One hand, Odell (One hand), slime, snail (Slatt)
the cap and pop the cork
You know it's Ad Rock made in New York

Oh word (MCA)
What the ponytail, I don't eat snail
I'll steal your keys and then I'll
the cap and pop the cork
You know it's Ad Rock made in New York

Oh word (MCA)
What the ponytail, I don't eat snail
I'll steal your keys and then I'll
the goat, they gon' rush (whoa)
Rush it just like Lynch (Lynch)
Rush it just like bail (bail)
Just got the pack in the mail (woo)
I got the salt for
the blue when I'm in the Chanel
Choppa in the coupe and I move like a snail
You could smell all type of Kush in the air
Supply and demand and you movin'
I reversed it and hit him with the handle

Yeah, it's hard, but it's fair, but it's tough on a square
You know salt kill snails, not players
congratulations you found the greatest
Dropping shit like I'm constipated
concentrated on stacking my mail
The Populations got it cracking with sales
For my
Cash your food stamps, get the WIC out the mail
Love to eat shrimps, but I never eat snail
Eat a whole fish except for the tail
Keep food in
in that jail cell
Writing hoes, dirty laps
Jerking off to my mail well
Man I fuck with white hoes
That be smoking Pall Mall
That be pale with
didn't go well, let us try to make it swell
Put the beaver in the mail, we can take it slow like snail
Lock my heart up, this is jail, throw away the key
The evening light still pale
I went out to the mail
My movements like a snail

Apologies from a friend
I'm spread out so thin
It's time
like snails 
Y'all in the shell Taco Bell
Im out the box like newborns 

Used to be smooth like newports 
I roll my jays full of kale 
I neighbor hills
and an Egyptian queen
Kept in the family, if you know what I mean

[Chorus ]
Now I know you'll say my approach is direct
But don't throw out this mail
gon' call for me
And I get it right now, why you got that snail money
Slow money, and I move them packs if you need mail money
Look funny, left
by the way the black narcissus on her bed of nails
by the way i never got it redirect the mail
by the way arrived to late already setting snail

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