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featuring Cage 

Ah ladies and gentlemen, you're smut peddlers again 

We're going back to our roots 

We are porn again.. 

[Eon]	Welcome to the peep show
[Cage]	Perhaps you've heard of us
(Are you familiar with this?)
[Eon]	Peddlers
[Cage]	Eastern Conference

I can’t love no smut
Smut is a girl that can’t get no love from me
I need an immaculate dime that’s gon match my fly
Try to holla at me
I can’t love
I’m here to spray right now
But I can’t love no smut
Smut is a girl that can’t get no love from me
Hanging round the passenger’s side of his best
you had to eat garlic
You're not my mom
S.M.U.T. keep me company
S.M.U.T. keep me company
S.M.U.T. keep me company
S.M.U.T., S.M.U.T., S.M.U.T
I have here a march for mine. It's called:

Give me smut and nothing but!
A dirty novel I can't shut
If it's uncut
And unsubt-le.
Since the beginning, there has always been smut
God is smut, death is smut, your girl is probably smut, hip hop is smut
And now, for your pleasure,
Gdybym był tu na dłużej, zostałby tylko chłód
Raz zarobie, raz pozbędę się paru stów
Nie myśle o wątrobie, to jest anty smut

Anty smut, anty smut
It look like I lit some bud up
Leave you drippin like a puddle
I'm just tryna pick a smut up
Fuck around and get a double (Two!)
This that straight up
right this is slut school
For all the guys that grow up thinking smut's cool
This is a cesspool
Would one of you girls take my dick like a whirlpool
to blaze

[Chorus: Smut Peddlers]
Sluts, gimmicks, ducks you finished
This is dedicated for those medicated minutes
  Fuck, image, we stuck on spinach
honey don't make a peep
In 2G it's only our word that we keep

You in the wrong place
You in the wrong time
You with the wrong someone
Smut Peddlers,
Last time that I checked
It was five chains on my neck
It was no smut on my rep, last time that I checked
I was sellin' zones in the set
What I like (you can run me like a track star, baby)
What I hate (ain't no smut up on my rep, I'm just sayin')

I like it when they don't talk
I tell that smut, "Date over, pull your drawers up"
Cigar guts all up in the club puttin' squad up (Up-up)
Throw your squad up (Up-up)
Vem är det som har bestämt
Att tiden är så närvarande?
När jag väntar på nånting
Som aldrig tycks komma

Du finns nånstans där bakom
En vägg av smuts
fläckar av smuts.
Blod är tjockare än vatten.
Blod är tjockare än vatten.
Blod är tjockare än vatten, vatten, blod.
Fläckar är också svårare att tvätta bort
Skrid Nu Corona!

Skrid nu, Corona!
For jeg vil ned til Barcelona
Og til Paris og på café
Croissant og vaniljesouffle
En smut til San Fransisco
I ain't piping she leaving (Woo)
Quick for a cut tell a lil bitch beat it
Only got dick for a smut Ian giving no reason (Reason)
Hop out the back
coupes an' the chains is plush
Keep the banger tucked 'case I had to bang a fuck
'Cause we Certified Gangstaz

All day we hangin' smut dog, wit a gang
the camera's eye
Is a pervert and a peddler of smut
Where sin is glorified
In motion pictures starring kaka and vomit
Behind the camera's eye
Is a pervert
I'm begging sew my lips shut
Bare-knuckled buried in smut
So take my pills away
So take my pills away
So take my pills away
So take my pills away

A while back I 
What you do
Quit lookin' at the smut 
As you do
Then I had realized 
I can not see through you 
What you mean 

ain't trynna fuck 
Trynna suck she a lil smut I keep my hunnids tuck 
Get up in it ball it up like I'm playin at da ruck
Push da button tap the pedal hear

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