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Opps get popped like a Vicodin 
Psychin' 'em out and I'm snipin' 'em
Bitin 'em, frighten 'em timely
I'm likin' it
Stumble the fray and I'm slighting
him well
For the slighting of me.

Don't you remember when
You lay beside me
And you said you'd marry me
And not deny me.
If I said I'd marry you
For the slighting of me.

Don't you remember when
You lay beside me
And you said you'd marry me
And not deny me
If I said I'd marry you
But I want what you got, come here and fill me"
Slighting their own cups, they are not worthy

You among few, pour your light out on other people
A ray
I'm no one
They'll stay with me, until I can see
Until I can see that I'm no one
So don't slight it off 'cause you'll be fined
Don't start slighting

Oh I wish them both joy much joy
Thou they don't hear me

And may God reward him well for the slighting of me

Do you remember when you lay
well for the slighting of me

Don't you remember well, when you lay beside me
And you said you'd marry me and not deny me
If I said I'd marry you, it
well for the slighting of me 

Don't you remember when you lay beside me? 
And you said you'd marry me and not deny me? 
If I said I'd marry you it was
Though they are slighting him, still he is waiting,
	waiting the penitent child to receive;
	plead with them earnestly, plead with them gently;
	he will
blue eyes
Still and shining
And lonely lovers
On bed sheets white
Great ships slighting
I've been parting
She is in my bedroom
Now I can't fight
it all for naught?

When the walls kept closing in
He couldn't stop slighting himself

He'd love her till the end of time
whatsoever slighting guys
The insolent are foolish and you'll find the kind are wise
Judgement day is long for every single idle type
Most these folks are blue
that I forget 
Lightly flexing fuck your set 
I don't mean no disrespect 
Kinda timid in sense 
Slighting drifting and depressed 
Really living Shit I'm
Why you think I'm writing?
T'd up I might be
From the slighting
From the lying
All your fake crying
I knew, I knew, I knew you wasn't true
rocks niggas
She wanna vibe with me
Fuck a nigga slighting me we popping dirty C
Csp niggas that’s how I like it Raw
Codeine sipping
My nigga fucked
to put me down, if I start the gloating
Type to make me feel bad, if I start the roasting
Feel like they was slighting me, let ‘em keep the W
If you going
could ever to be the one
The one I'm slighting
Look to the binding
You think you can ride though
Lonely ya glide through me
Thought you could be
The one
get get handed a total of, like, twenty fries, it seems a little fucking slighting to me! Don't you think, don't you think that's fucking ridiculous,
crazy though I carry a defensive licence
Like ISIS I’m blowing up in silence
We like this, they fighting
I’m flowing I’m slighting
Tell me what you wan’
teeth (Teeth)
And exciting the weak (Weak)
All the while, enticing the beast (Beast)
I've been, inciting the feast (Feast)
And slighting the meek
I just gotta keep on moving, yes I'll find it 
I just gotta keep my circle tight, no slighting 
Don't take no offense if you're uninvited 
I've been
Now I look down and all the oppers is under me 
I'll be here for a while, the Phoenix live for eternity 
You slighting all I did, how you can't
While you bewail my audience who celebrates our slighting
We feast on sugared apricot cakes and spice wine
To catalyze or saccharine haze
the night
Hear it cry out underneath the moonlight
If yesterday has passed away
Burned up by the radiance
Slighting all my penitence
Thrown away the memory

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