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our fated are intermingled
We are plural, we are single

We are leaving for a meeting
And last seen the weather sleeting for her
the clenches and
Make the radiator blow now
Crack the planks and shatter the lenses and
Mix the salt, the sugar, and flour

Slushing, sleeting through the blue
where we goin
Don't care if it raining, sleeting, it's hail, or it's snowing
I'm on my way and you know we be ridin in foreign
Told all of my b*tches get
the first round
Raining and sleeting and snowing

You know i don't give a fuck
Nigga I'm trapping it out it out

Skirt Cali I'm riding around 
And I got a bad
I stole the blueprints that I needed for the ark I'm building
Are you coming? Have you noticed the deluge alluding?
It's been sleeting every evening,
a thousand rhymes and I’m ready for takeoff that’s TO but no Terrell Owens
I was taught to get it weather any storm wether raining, hailing, sleeting
falling sleeting
Eating the liver
Of my my my demons
End ya life
Rain snow and if it’s sleeting
Yeah I’m cold what you anemic
I ran down with this heata
To put a nigga in the freezer
It sound ironic it make sense
just as much
When it's done they'll trample him into the sleeting mush

Ten thousand iPads a week
A million gingerbread dreams
Projected figures look
Somehow, I got lost the way out of town,
It was sleeting down, it was a white out,
You had your window cracked to let the smoke out,
I said it's
You just reminded me of someone else,
The way you twirled your hair
It's raining in Houston & sleeting at home,
The roads are pretty bad, I shouldn't
the Russian
They do this shit for pretty pennies til the shit ugly
Im a make it rain on you dirty bitches ima have it sleeting mud
I'm from the trenches bitches
on the east side of the city and it was very cold, rainy, sleeting sort of Christmas eve weather and the fire spread very fast, I believe it was started by

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