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by hell
Dig your sepulcher
We force you to come in
And we'll bury you alive
Black songs are heard with the funeral
Rotting corpses mutilated over
to sleep
'Cause you are like a dream
For every night I say a prayer,
Well I swear you are the answer
You're an angel, you're an angel, you're an angel
this world
Could leave us any day
But my love for you, it will never go away
And I don't wanna go to sleep
Cause you are like a dream
For every night I
God help us do our best we will not slack or rest
Till the last fallen hero rests in peace

Now the winds of war are blowing and there's no way

Can't die a broke man with a b**** that's fine
My hearts full of braveness so who the f*** will want to save this
Fallen angel from fallen star
to the R-A-B-A-P-P-L-E
Family until the day we D-I-E
Continuously extending ourselves for you to see
Smell, hear, touch, and taste; we be
The C to the R-A-B-A-P-P
tight, hold the dice in this game of life
Aces suffice
paper's a must
Fallen Angels and Angel dust
my team do dirt to avoid layin' in the dust
wish we could fly away
Fly away.

Here and now
For you and I know
True love is deathless
These crumbling days are ending
By my side
Let's walk in
Are we prisoners in Nowhereland
Where darkness is your only friend
Kept inside this wall of sleep
Have we fallen into a deep freeze

I was lost now I'm found,
I'm sustained by the sound,
Of the angels singing me to sleep,
While my feet are leaving the ground,
Am I dead? Or am I
we'll spend the day together
My fallen angel holds me
Back home again, a year's gone by
Never again I'll let him leave me

So say to me your wildest
forgiven and wolves become sheep
We are who we are
Or we’re not
But at least we’ll eventually all fall asleep
Eventually all fall asleep
much further than sleep
We'll ride down that river of tears
Where only the stars and the angels will weep
As I jettison all of my years

Long are
to see.

My so called friends have fallen under a spell
They look me squarely in the eye and they say, "Well all is well'"
Can they imagine the darkness
I got demons
Baby you can sleep while I dream

I'm not suggesting that you follow me
Well here's a dose of some reality
We'll swing it out
been spreadin' yourself too thin
It's a lonely stage that we been goin' through
So don't get up I can find my own way to the door

And I
Sleep well my angel
This won't be less than perfect
Sleep well my angel this city isn't worth it
Wake up the streets are burning
The avenue is
South just don't hang us up here. 
Here the unknown is at hand and not far from my heel a tarbaby feel for the Czar. 
For those who are lonely well
gettin' shot by the bullets of my enemies
Rest in peace, to all my fallen homies
Young souljas turned victim at the full moon
I still shiver when I glance
my blasphemy into angel bone
A faith buried in fire where a cold tomb lies
This desire in murdering the slaves of Christ
Sound the horn to winter's
too deep, I'll drown in my sleep

Angels and prostitutes
They might look the same
And if to Hell we're going
I'll see you there

Hare did have a spare a-pair. 
The end
We sleep by the ever-bright hole in the door, 
Eat in the corner, talk to the floor, 
Moonlight streets on your soft skin as you sleep tonight
These fallen dreams as I count every breath you breathe
I can't believe that we are
a little
Nothing more

I looked inside, the ring we wear
And I read myself to sleep
I caught myself, so captured there
Deep inside those cavern eyes

Oh my
blowin' through top drop bumpin' the dub
Y'all my niggas y'all my fallen angels and you livin' now what


[Verse 2]
Let me check the time on my

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