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For how long
Maybe tomorrow
Or maybe now

Oh how always we waste time, making mud pies-slating lives of others
Mud pies and with smug hands, when
My love when you hear hate, you have some sort of fate,  being slating when you feel low, people want more for you're highs, like the weather is all
I'm ready for the consequences to take me
I got some memories that just need slating, erasing
So let's take to the bottles still awaiting us patiently
Things that make the slatings move
Magic porch- astrid songs
Things so tiny from the sky

Little things- Green things
Coloured circles- piercing rays
always say that, but
Then they do that 
Then they do that 

People always fighting, 
People always slating, 
Never ever content, 
Those people enjoy
came for
And she don't know what she means to me

She's a trigger happy mama slating what she knows isn't right
She's a trigger happy mama slating what
sheepish friends
That you're the victim, you pretend
They all nod and passively agree

I see you

Judging me with every bite
Slating all the things I like
The truth be slating
Shit be be frustrating

See you at the top
Make it getting top
My shit won't flop
Cuz this shit rocks
Flippin packs, gettin
everyone's at it
Everyone's at it
Everyone's at it
Everyone's at it

I get involved but I'm not advocating
Got an opinion, yeah you're well up for slating
for slating
See you've got a prescription and that makes it legal
Now I find the excuses overwhelmingly feeble

You go to the doctor, you need pills for
Hulls were creaking crashing sails
Rains were slating down
The oilskins flapping, decks awash
Slanting turning round
Thunder roaring
crashing sails
Rains were slating down
The oilskins flapping, decks awash
Slanting, turning 'round
Thunder roaring at the harbor
Women drawn in fear
And my son I'll call him Vito
Made men make no statement
So i'm paving my own pavement
Get the message that i'm slating
And this verse is my
mosey, I feel like the man, no debating 
See the snow outside, I'm praying that there ain't no slating

We boutta go crazy, 2020 been our year
We only
don't wait on me
Bless me when I'm making p
Fuck you if you're slating me
I'm more baked than a bakery
There's three ways of making P
Clean, dirty
I predict every new news stories with mad-libs
Yeah I'm bat shit, a bad fit
I'm deity ex machina 
Makin' fake languages
Slating me album up

slating my mistakes
I'm too busy on the weekend
Haven't called for six hours today
You've been playing your own game
All the nights you don't believe that
to the 5's
Like when I lace up my ties, MJ in 8 to the 85
And to my chain, it stay tuck until I can't finish my cup
Maybe I'm over exaggerating, slating just
do the clean slating
He don't like that I'm on, man I know that boi hating
These niggas my sons, you would think I've been mating
I don't see the comp,
a movie Ricky
Leave yo momma and yo brother feeling ruined
It's too much hating when there's too much paper
Energize energetic I'm mudding no slating
the book I'm slating
Slaying Judeo-Christian ideals employed by slavers
Season my Dravidian tongue to get that flavor
Respect my existence or expect my
be a dragon
Da way mi roast n be draggin'
These thots dat cyah nah stop slating
Anyone wanna tell a man wah he haffi do to stop all dis hating?
Cos I
I'll make this work
I know this track will come across badly
I'm slating everything I've got when so many people have said they're proud of me
a grain of sand
Painting components I hadn't planned
Aching the opportunity seeing what i'd expand
Paving a road that would leave me cold
Slating my

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