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Stubborn as a mule
Oh, yeah, by the way I still love you

Go on and be that way
Slam that door
Make a scene
Yell some more
Come on let's have it out
Anybody who is anybody
Will soon walk through that door
At Fat Sam's grand slam speak easy
Always able to find you a table
There's room for just
I've been looking for
You go out and you slam the door
Are you the trouble I've been looking for.

My eyes still burn whether you leave or return
I find myself praying
More than I've ever did before
And now I find my heart is breaking
Each time her memory slams the door
And I find myself
that I raised
It’s a Jack Daniel’s jackhammer
Shut the door but don’t slam her
Kind of feelin’ poundin’ my brain
I got a big ass headache

just ignore the signs
In those dark clouds forming behind her silver lines.

Then the door it slammed like thunder and the tears they fell like rain.
White Stones, Queens 1974 
Fathers talking shit
Motherfucker slam the door
Hittin' the streets runnin' can I take this any more?
In the reins
of ways to go down
She slams her hips and then she slams the door
And then wonders why he's not around

love is a life nerve
A mission
A principle
The grand
Cooper went out late last night
I heard the slam from her door
Foggy ways, november daze
All the white wolves were smiling
Cooper went out
I'm astray somehow
Lose myself to an inner pain
The chaos fed waves of sanity
Slam the door shut again
Can you really see me
As I slowly pass on by
The person she is

Call her Maria
Her real name's Eve
Try not to slam the door
Or you'll wake her as you leave
You can tell by
The pictures on her wall
the best of them
Facts are nothing on the face of things
Facts don't stain the furniture
Facts go out and slam the door
Facts are written all over your face
Shackles of fear have you bound

Doors slam shut and you feel no return
Many voices have your head spinning around
Find yourself in the center of a circle
rockin' steady
Waitin' on you to come and get me
Sittin' on ready - sittin' on ready
Sittin' on ready - yeah yeah
Well did I hear that car door slam
and walk the razor's edge
Don't turn your back
And slam the door on me 

It's not as if this barricade
Blocks the only road
It's not as if you're all
I just hate to leave a woman standin' cryin'
And I've loved a few and left 'em in my day
I just never heard the door slam from the inside
It was time
said hey boy there's the door
But I didn't leave until I evened the score

I gotta face the hangman
Gotta pay for what I done
I gotta face
Scream your complaints
Slam the doors and break all of the plates
But you give more away
Than anyone could ever steal

You feel erased
I can
na na na
Na na na na yeah yeah

So stand up straight and stand up tall,
Don't waste your time in shopping malls,
Slam the door and let's tear down
Making enemies
Every word we read
Making enemies

Stare and wait with no clue
Can't dance like your idols do
Slam the door shut and leave so
don't slam the door
I've taken all I'm gonna take from you
and shout for love

Sometime's the anger's all that's real
And you're just too numb to feel
As the doors slam shut
Let your heart steal back to love
Verse 1
Back door slams got it bad this time.
Been sitting in the corner starring at her monkey shrine.
When hope has lost and the fire dies.
I've got a few true friends making stakes by my side
Give me the odds, odds don't mean a thing to me
We slam the door behind
Heading for year 99
call with so much work to do
But, when I go inside I'm gonna let my back door slam
Mother, to tell you the truth
I would trade your dream away

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