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in the mirror cry
See the one nobody wanted,
Shattered by a world of lies
See the misfit in the mirror die

You always crash your car,

And after all we never played by the rules
We broke the mould and found our own kind of cool
It didn't matter that we weren't on the list
for whatever may come
Ruled by none 

Outlaws ’n’ sons, daughters alike
All the restless souls, rebel minds
Misfit kids and wretched ones 
Community of misfits surrogate family
Drugs and mind games at St. Griffith Park Observatory

He had made his choice, Patricia was the one
He took her by
and die by the sword.
Avenge everyone in your way.
Condemning a Misfit
for innocence his sin.
His blade will avenge you someday, oh no.
He's a Misfit
Green globe
Scorched by black sun
Return me to my primal self
Primal self
Return me to my old self
the yoke

Crush the skull - sacrifice
Crush the skull - die Christ

I gaze into his glassy eyes
And pluck him by the beard
I uplift a broadaxe
turn around
There's a thing there that can be found
Turn around, turn around
It's a human skull on the ground
Human skull on the ground
Turn around
They call us strange, they call us Twiztid,
But we remain I'm with the misfits
Bringing the pain, so you can just get down with us, down with us
conjuress speaks a secret dialect
Shadow and light dance across a naked breast
Rosaries and henna runes hang around your waist

C'mon and kiss the skull
Picked a girl up at the trainstop where I live
Took a drive along the beach by the ocean
Talk about the dreams we had while we were growing old
Roaming through the barren wasteland
Violent brutal death by his hands
Smashing skulls and skinning bodies
Slaughtering for him to survive
soul, like a stone beneath the ground

Backyard skulls, deep beneath the ground
All those backyard skulls, not deep enough to never be found

Not giving up, just getting by.
Sticking it out through hardest times.
Tonight's a party for the misfits doing time.
Just standing in this crowded
and twisted just an earth bound misfit, I

Ice is forming on the tips of my wings
Unheeded warnings I thought I thought of everything
No navigator to find
just an earth-bound misfit, I
Ice is forming on the tips of my wings
Unheeded warnings, I thought I thought of everything
No navigator to guide my way
of the hype
I waste for hype
I taste for the hype

I got a taste of the hype
I waste for hype
I taste for the hype

Get you by the skull
Get you by
[Originally performed by Misfits]

Who came along for the ride
Hey, you can't come inside
Do the citizens kneel for sex
It's heaven cumming on her
children of the damned
Abandoned by the future and the
Past can't understand
You've never had a change since
Your journey began

Castaways, misfits out
Stitched together into this beautiful monster animated by starlight.
Pose like a fashion corpse and shed your denim skin my love.
It is just a skull
he's on his own
What once was muscle is now bone

I see a skull on a stick
I see a skeleton with skin
I'm getting by just the best I can
An early photograph
Of the young braid with the confident grin
Who is celebrating his first defeat
By clouching a haircut from his skull
on the floor and leave the dope by the door".
Bounced all shook up, she cook up aluminum,
Consuming every skull and crossbones in the room in under 2 minutes,
of arising souls
In ritual macabre
Drag you down infuse your mind
By blade or poisoned barb
Painted skulls
Painted skulls
The festival end now they sleep
by me
Back to the old days
Close to home
Show me some new ways
I'll carry on

Whether making out or played out
Three and nine make twelve